SQL Server 2016 Enterprise 2 Core

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You have it again. It is your win still. The most advanced server addition, SQL Server 2016 Enterprise 2 Core, now leads innovation industry with SQL enterprise technologies and OS capabilities. You have a reason to rejoice because your server needs to have been improved.

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You have it again. It is your win still. The most advanced server addition, SQL Server 2016 Enterprise 2 Core, now leads innovation industry with SQL enterprise technologies and OS capabilities. You have a reason to rejoice because your server needs to have been improved.

This version of SQL Server 2016 Enterprise server has been designed to fully support maximum core count and memory allowed by MS Servers. This is particularly essential for your large-scale data warehousing, where large symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) scale and terabytes of memory are significant in optimizing performance. What more can you need?

Providing a simple, cost-effective, and easy way to improve business processes and decision making, SQL Server 2016 Enterprise offers you and your business many capabilities and benefits. It provides mission-critical performance for your needs by accelerating the performance of critical applications using the new in-memory built-in OLTP engine, which delivers extensive performance gains. 

You also have and shall experience faster insights at your disposal. SQL Server 2016 Enterprise provides faster insights on any data in your datacenter with utmost security offerings. It is the most secure database at your disposal. You’ll also be able to scale and transform your business’ transaction processing with, averagely, 10x performance gain while still using your existing hardware, and increase your performance gain to, a greater-than, 100x for your data warehousing.

You can now work with your data in a hybrid environment. SQL Server 2016 Enterprise is designed specifically to work in a hybrid environment, which spans on-premises and the cloud. The hybrid capability is accompanied by new tools, which make it even easier to build back-up and disaster recovery solutions using Microsoft Azure. These tools will enable you to use your existing skills to make the most of Microsoft’s global datacenters.

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GTIN 695087056271
MPN 7JQ-01013
Operating System Windows
Year of Product 2016
  • Experience Mission-Critical Performance of application using the new in-memory, built-in OLTP engine that can deliver an average of 10x transactional performance gains, and which can reach up to 30x performance gains. 
  • Turn your server’s mission-critical applications into innovative, intelligent applications based in the cloud, and managed with cutting-edge technology advancements.
  • Use the updatable in-memory ColumnStore for Data Warehousing, which can query 100x faster compared to the legacy solutions. 
  • Enjoy Utmost Data Security with the SQL Server 2016 Enterprise that delivers composure as the most secure database with least Vulnerability.
  • Utilize Faster insights on any data: with a complete and secured BI platform, which speeds up how you access, analyze, clean, and shape both internal and external data. Power BI, combined with SQL Server 2016 and Office 365, makes it easy to connect every user to the right data needed to make better decisions, faster.
  • Make the most of a Platform for hybrid cloud: designed to work in a hybrid environment “that spans on-premises and the cloud” supported with new tools, which ease its capability to build back-up and offer disaster recovery solutions through Microsoft Azure.
  • Experience the breakthrough, in-memory performance: with new, advanced in-memory capabilities for transaction processing and enhancements for data warehousing and analytics.
  • Appreciate a Proven, Predictable Performance: with a server that is known for its consistency in leading TPC-H, TPC-E, and practical application performance benchmarks.
  • Utilize the High Availability and Disaster Recovery: using AlwaysOn, the combined solution for high availability, to gain faster failover, greater uptime, and better use of hardware resources.
  • Improve your data analysis through the In-database advanced analytics: using the new R data language to improve your data analysis. The R-data language enables you to analyze data within the SQL Server database or datacenter directly, and without moving the data an inch.
  • Use the new PolyBase: which enables you to query data in Azure Blob Storage or Hadoop and syndicate the results with the stored relational data in your SQL Server.
  • Enjoy the improved Temporal data: to improve the look of your temporal data Tables.
System Requirements

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for installing SQL Server 2016 Enterprise 2 Core:

  • Processor: 1.4 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB for Express, 1 GB for Standard
  • Disk Space: 6 GB
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