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Microsoft Office History

Microsoft established itself as a world leader in technology and productivity when personal computers became ubiquitous in corporate offices and retail centers around the globe in the 1990s.

By the dawn of the 21st century, desktop computers were in nearly every home, not simply in the largest corporations. Today, mobile devices are essentially integral to the daily lives of nearly every person, offering users more ways to maintain productivity and connectivity than ever before.

Microsoft Office Suite has been the recognized leading office, productivity, and task management program provider for decades. Created by Microsoft, the MS Suite is intended to enhance business productivity and processes by ensuring users can complete a myriad of tasks ranging from very simple to incredibly complex with relative ease.

Microsoft designed the suite of programs to handle a wide array of uses in both personal and professional spheres, and the programs have become some of the most utilized business tools worldwide.

Here at Softwarekeep, we believe in using only the highest-quality products and ensure that our customers have access to the same top-quality products. Should you have any questions about the authenticity of our software, we would be happy to answer. Please feel free to contact us directly via live chat to learn more.


What are the Microsoft Office programs?

Simply put, Microsoft Office programs help you work smarter, better, and faster, both at home and at work. The Microsoft Office Suite is a package of software applications that performs specific functions and is intended to enhance how you interact with your data.

Some of these applications see a crossover in a few of the functions they can perform, such as creating tables in Word and Excel.

Still, for the most part, these applications allow users to create and perform very different tasks with data. With all the specific functions available for collecting, recording, tracking, and sharing information across multiple applications, any user can ensure that they are well equipped to manage and curate their data with ease.

These applications are remarkably powerful, and their functionality adapts to each specific user’s knowledge and training.

Because of this flexibility and adaptability of the Microsoft Office suite of programs, you can access and begin using the software right away with very little training or background skills, which allows you to be as productive as possible from the beginning.

The main purpose is to ensure that users are given the ability to control and maintain the information they gather, store, and share; and, as your knowledge and skill level with the functions grows, the range of functionality grows along with you, creating unlimited potential for any project or task you’ll need to complete.

The software suite operates on both Windows Server and Mac OS systems; however, not all the applications are available on Mac OS. Some users have older editions of the Microsoft Office suites, which may or may not still have technical support from Windows and may not be compatible with your current operating system, depending on the specifications.

In addition, a select few of the applications are only available to users registered for the Office 365 subscription. Except for Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint, not all applications are available in every Microsoft Office suite; the table below displays which programs are included in each Microsoft Office suite package.


Who can use Microsoft Office?

Anyone can use the Microsoft Office Suite of programs for personal or professional tasks. Microsoft offers a tailored lineup of software products designed to meet the specific needs of different users, depending on your system specifications, operating system, project needs, and level of support required.

Microsoft Office users currently sit around 1.4 billion in over 140 countries and 108 languages. In Britain alone, over 250,000 jobs are tied to work with Microsoft; Microsoft and supporting partners support 2 out of every 5 IT workers, and Microsoft employs 120 of the world’s best and brightest computer engineers and computer scientists.

The MS Office suite is ideally suited to a wide range of users, from a university student compiling a history research report on the Renaissance in Microsoft Word to a homeowner tracking a monthly budget for their mortgage in Microsoft Excel to a self-employed freelancer using OneNote to track marketing and development for a soon-to-be-launched service.

Individual users worldwide have used Microsoft Office Suite programs to increase productivity and enhance otherwise mundane tasks.


Microsoft Office Home & Student is best suited for individuals and households:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Freelancers
  • Self employed
  • Hobby enthusiasts


What makes Microsoft Office such an amazing productivity tool is the flexibility it offers its users. New users can harness the programs with relative ease to complete projects ranging from simple to complex, and seasoned users will see their productivity radically adapt to their skills.

It doesn’t limit users at any level, and the help sections in each application are easily accessible to help any user find the solution they seek.


Microsoft Office Home & Business is ideally suited for small companies:

  • Small-sized businesses
  • Mom-and-pop shops
  • Partnerships
  • Medium businesses
  • Local franchises


Small business owners wear many hats, juggling multiple to-do lists. With advanced features available for tracking, recording, and sharing data, business owners can create and submit invoices, track inventory, develop and monitor marketing campaigns, share files easily with clients for review, and maintain seamless edits with online and offline Access to files while working on the go.


Microsoft Office Professional / Professional Plus are used for large enterprises:

  • National retailers
  • Large franchises
  • Large workforces


Large enterprises and corporations around the globe have implemented the Microsoft Office suite in their workplaces to ensure a seamless transition of files and information within the company and across their networks.

At this level, efficiency isn’t simply a’s necessary to ensure that organization and collaboration succeed. Microsoft Office Suite programs assist large companies in ensuring consistency in formatting, application knowledge, and file-sharing functions.


Applications included in Microsoft Office

Each Microsoft Office Suite is assigned a specific set of programs based on the particular user’s needs and functionality, budget/price point, and need for online or offline Access to information and files. The applications available in Microsoft Office are listed below, with a more detailed description of the program and a summary of the available features and functions you can perform with each one.


Microsoft Word

This highly popular word processor is a staple of the Microsoft Office suite of programs, commonplace in homes, classrooms, and workplaces. This powerful processor is used primarily to create text-based documents with various media-rich graphic elements available to enhance these projects.


What can you create with Microsoft Word?


Personal and professional documents can be created using the available template selections upon first loading MS Word, templates which can be found either in the start menu of Word or via the online directory. We have created many personal and professional documents within Word, which include the following:


Personal projects Professional projects
Letters Résumés
Notes Pamphlets
Calendar pages Research papers
Birthday Invitations Marketing brochures
Garage sales flyers Memos
Quizzes Envelopes
Checklists Letterhead
Essays Instructional guides
Journal entries Comparison graphs
Book reports Task outlines
Coloring pages Monthly reports
Activity sheets Invoices
  Staff rosters
  Project management
  Web pages


MS Word makes gathering, writing, and editing content much easier by offering many formatting and presentation options. As mentioned above, the functionality of this program grows as your knowledge of its features grows, and your skill set expands, which ensures that the program never outlives its usefulness in your productivity toolkit.

Since its initial release in 1988, the program has been reworked to ensure users have as many features at their fingertips as possible. Features such as Spell Check, Grammar Auditor, Autosuggest, and Autocomplete allow users to feel confident knowing they can share error-free documents with clients, colleagues, or family members.


Features of Microsoft Word

One of the major features of Microsoft Word is the ability to save multiple revisions of your document or even revert to a previous revision to ensure you can review a previous work item should you need to change something last minute. This allows you to access several versions of your work, eventually turning them into templates for future work or allowing you to use the best elements from all those versions and collate them into one final, polished product.

Depending on your recipient’s needs, you’ll have the flexibility of saving and exporting your Word documents in various formats tailored to particular requirements. This functionality for saving documents prepared in the Word program can be broadened as needed. Some of the most popular Save and Export formats include:

  • Word Document
  • Word 97-2003 Document
  • Word Template
  • PDF
  • XPS Document
  • Web Page
  • Word XML Document


Where Microsoft Word shines is its ability to create media-rich text documents, with the text being the focus of the content. The purpose is to ensure the user can easily transmit the information quickly, especially when deadlines loom.

Text can then be easily edited and manipulated to create a document that communicates this information to recipients in a clean, easy-to-digest format using bullet points, tables, heading options, and different fonts and images.

A little-known feature of MS Word is the drawing toolbar. Most users think of using a heavy graphic program like InDesign or a smaller, more easily manageable program like Paint to create images and graphics.

However, several of these functions can easily be done within Word using the drawing toolbar. Create 2D and 3D shapes, adjust color and text effects, and other shadows and graphic effects to enhance your documents, bringing them from blah to brilliant.

For more experienced users, MS Word allows you to edit and process HTML code directly within your documents to create live web pages. This is incredibly useful when you need to edit your website’s content but don’t want to disrupt service to the current webpage for any users still accessing your site.


Wordmap versus Microsoft Word

Several customers asked us about the difference between Wordmap and Microsoft Word and whether the two programs are interchangeable. Wordmap is an extremely pared-down version of MS Word, only offering the functions of entering and editing text in a simple form.

It should not be used as a substitute for MS Word but solely for its primary function: note-taking. There are no extraneous features available to enhance your text in Wordpad. Think of this program as a digital “notepad” to quickly jot down ideas, thoughts, and meeting notes.

MS Word could more easily be compared to a Swiss Army Knife, with its wide array of functions, features, templates, and media elements ready to shape, fix, and whittle your document into a beautiful final product.

The team at Get MS Office uses the Microsoft Office suite daily for tasks and projects, and we highly recommend you try one of our packages by downloading our discounted software online. You can purchase Microsoft Office Licenses directly from our site.


Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application used primarily for storing, organizing and manipulating data, and Microsoft designs it for both Windows and Mac users. One of Microsoft’s most widely used applications, Excel, primarily generates spreadsheets.

This powerful program allows the user to manage, track, and store their data in a clean, well-organized format.

Microsoft Office programs offer users of any skill level the ability to download and use immediately, and Excel is no different.

The functionality of this program allows for a vast array of uses and applications to create databases for several personal and professional reasons. Note that Excel itself is not a database. Still, it complements a database, turning reams of data into attractive reports and charts for reference and presentation.


How can you use Microsoft Excel?

The major uses for Excel include analyzing data, managing records and accounts, generating profit and loss statements, identifying trends, building charts and forms, tracking budgets, and maintaining customer accounts and relationships. These uses are applicable in personal, educational, financial, and professional environments.

Among the many uses for Excel is managing and tracking financial data. Industries from accountants to traders to office managers use these functions daily. Microsoft Excel helps them to analyze profit and loss statements, review budgets, and track expenses.

The latest release of Excel includes updated functionality and even more processing power. Easily build multiple pivot tables, analyze data, and create charts for schools and businesses when upgrading to Microsoft Excel 2021.

  • Create Tables - Formatted data display
  • Create Charts - Product evaluation display
  • Data Validations - Consolidated various data
  • Create Miniature Databases - Centralized data storage
  • Create Functions & Formulas - Smart actions
  • Data Grouping - Data grouping
  • Change Display Settings - Customize display
  • Change Page Layouts - Customize formatting
  • Hyperlink Files - Linking tabs and files
  • Use of Macros - Automating actions
  • Use of Clip Art - Adding rich media


Features of Microsoft Excel

Harness the power and functionality of the MS Excel program to configure different data sets, compare those sets with various options, and isolate specific information for research purposes. All these functions allow you to track detailed data, and users can access the toolbar for even more features to control how they interact with the data.

Customization options are available in sizes, colors, fonts, symbols, text, formulas, and templates when creating your spreadsheets. Each column and row can be formatted to adhere to a strict formula or qualification (i.e., mathematical calculations).

One of the most productive features of Excel is the ability to create formulas. This function enables the user to create a set of instructions tailored specifically to your data and data sets.

Formulas are calculation operators that integrate with constants, cell references, functions, and names to create competent cells. These competent cells can display mathematical functions and have the ability to manipulate specific data to narrow down information.

Microsoft Excel also enables macros, which allow users to create a command for a specific program on their computer to carry out a specific task (or instance). Each time you enter that command, the computer program will carry out the task (instance) that you had previously entered, simplifying your work processes and increasing your productivity by eliminating steps.

Using a visual code in a basic format allows users to perform micro tasks that add power and productivity to their workflow without growing too complex.


Common functions used in Microsoft Excel

As stated previously, there are many powerful, time-saving features of Excel that the everyday user may not know about but fear not! Once you begin to learn these techniques and functions, you may soon discover the control and efficiency they provide, and you’ll quickly realize that many of these functions will be impossible to live without.

  • Data - Group and ungroup data and sets, consolidate external sources, remove duplicates, and create detailed reports.
  • Formulas - Access a myriad of advanced options for building your formulas, helping you automatically arrange, sort, and calculate data with a click or two
  • Layouts, Tables, Charts - Customization of graphic elements ensures that your data is uniquely displayed, making your presentation stand out from the crowd.
  • Review - Gain full control of security features for each spreadsheet, and manage the users who have read-only and editing Access to files and data
  • SmartArt - Unique from the basic tables and graphs feature is SmartArt, which allows users to create a relationship between how media-rich elements and the data interact
  • VLookup - Similar to but more comprehensive than Lookup, users can search for detailed information throughout the table/spreadsheet, offering a faster, more efficient search function


Examples of formula use

  • Using cell references/names - allows users to perform mathematical calculations and bring data to specific cells or cells within the spreadsheet.
  • Functions - users can insert specific functions directly into active cells using pre-built or custom-built formulas.
  • Concatenate functions -- geared to advanced users of Excel, concatenate functions save users the time and money it would cost to implement expensive reporting software. You can create payroll, invoicing, and accounting actions using a mix of concatenate functions within Excel. Microsoft Excel has the functionality to handle these tasks, eliminating the need for small businesses, hobbyists, and homeowners from downloaded multiple programs to handle these items.


For questions or issues, the Function Wizard within Excel is your go-to resource for tips, tricks, and step-by-step techniques for creating and using formulas. Microsoft Office software is available for download here at Get MS Office to help streamline your administrative tasks.


Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has become such a mainstream application that other slideshow programs are called “powerpoint” as well. The application is used primarily to present digital slides in sequence to present textual information and supporting images, videos, or graphs. This program is used mainly in public speaking and conferences, training programs and classrooms, and other presentation scenarios.

Companies often use MS PowerPoint to enforce branding and marketing strategies by presenting their sales goals, financials, milestones, and mission statement in a clean, professional format. Public speakers and lecturers appreciate the ability to present information in small, short slides, which encourages and enhances learning and retention.


Features of Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Animations: Special effects can be created for the intro and outro slides of your presentation, as well as between slides, to ensure smooth transition from slide to slide
  • Display: Ensure that your presentation is appropriately configured for the correct display that is available to you (i.e., widescreen, projector)
  • Play: Run through your presentation in depth by using the play, reset, and broadcast functions while editing the project
  • Recording: PowerPoint can record a slideshow like a video, allowing you to watch, rehearse, and edit your presentation beforehand, preventing costly and unfortunate mistakes.
  • Set up: Provides users with all the configuration options available to edit and customize each of your slideshow projects and presentation settings. This feature is handy during your presentation to help avoid as many “technical difficulties” as possible when connecting your device to the display.
  • Slideshow: Your slideshow project can be tailored and customized from the images and other media-rich elements added to the length and timing of each slide. All the functions available can be found directly from the toolbar.
  • Tables and Charts: As with other Microsoft applications, the tables and graphs come with preset templates or customizable options tailored to your project. These customizations can speed up your presentation, with graphic representations of your data making a greater impact with fewer slides.
  • Themes: PowerPoint comes with built in templates for presentations. These templates are fully customizable; you can add the media you need to create your presentations.
  • Transitions: As mentioned above, transitions between slides can create a less jarring effect on viewers and create interest when shifting topics mid-presentation.


Microsoft OneNote

Don’t be fooled...Microsoft OneNote is not simply a note-taking application. This program is a comprehensive, in-depth compendium application that allows users to keep extremely detailed notes on research, photos, screenshots, audio files, drawings, and other information.

Free to download, OneNote is available as a web app, a mobile app (for iOS, Android, Windows, and Symbian), or a desktop app and integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft Office programs.

Although similar to MS Word, OneNote differs in that the document is constantly being saved as the user is working on it (in Word, users have to manually save their work, putting it at risk of being lost should a power outage or hard drive issues occur before a manual save can be performed).

Security and assurance knowing your work is safe as you stay focused on the work.


Features of Microsoft OneNote

MS OneNote organizes information into sections and pages, much like the spreadsheets and sheet tabs in Excel, and includes an indexing search function. Users can edit the structure and format of these pages and sections and apply tags to the information for reference.

Multiple users can gain access to edit the same OneNote file, making it an ideal application for team or group projects and giving users simultaneous Access to create, edit, and share information on the file.

As with other Microsoft programs, you can add images, effects, tables, charts, and audiovisual elements to your files and pages. These features can be edited offline if need be, and the data will sync once an Internet connection is established.

Microsoft OneNote is able to integrate with third-party services and applications, allowing its functionality to expand rapidly as a user’s needs grow and shift.


Key features of MS OneNote are:

  • Quick notes: a sort of “digital sticky note.”
  • To-do lists: create actionable checklists
  • Version history: view document history
  • Tagging: organize your notes and documents with tags for easier referencing
  • Template pages: ready-to-use pre-built templates
  • Internal links: integrate all of your notes
  • Save feature: your work automatically saves as you work
  • Quick toolbar: Easy Access to your preset and customized tools and settings
  • In-page note taking: take live notes within active web pages


Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the Windows email program that seamlessly integrates all your other Microsoft applications, such as your calendar, to-do lists, and task manager. Outlook provides as much accessibility as any email provider, ensuring that you can access your emails from any machine and any location, a useful function when you or your team need to work away from the office.

MS Outlook is much more than a program for sending and receiving emails. When Microsoft initially designed Outlook, the company noticed that clients used the program to send emails to schedule meetings, manage teams, and delegate tasks. To accommodate this shift in functionality, Microsoft built tools to integrate directly with Outlook to make these tasks more efficient and intuitive for users.


Features of Microsoft Outlook

Today, the primary functions of Outlook include the following:

  • Email provider
  • Task management
  • Calendar integration
  • Contacts/address book
  • File organizer
  • Label maker


Organization is key to productivity, and the Outlook program ensures that users can organize their emails, tasks, events, and contacts easily. You can create folders and labels to organize specific contacts or keywords to streamline future searches. You can also customize and format the layout of your inbox to ensure that priority items are at the top of your inbox.

Tag emails from specific contacts or emails with specific topics and keywords with different colours or labels, making those emails stand out from the rest in your inbox. With various colours, you’ll know at a glance what those emails contain and who sent them.

Contacts in your database that are clients can be labeled as such, so the program will automatically know who you’re emailing and canonize your correspondence to help keep track of any communication. While Outlook is not a CRM platform, it can keep you on top of contacting and tracking your communication with leads and existing clients.

Add reminders for yourself and your team directly in MS Outlook, which will increase your productivity and streamline your daily workflow. Using the chat function, you can ensure that other team members don’t have cluttered inboxes for items like short comments or notes and last-minute scheduling changes.

With the built-in task manager, users can create “reminders” or to-do lists directly from Outlook, saving them from downloading external applications.

A unique feature recently added to the features lineup is Forms, which operates as a group voting function. For example, a graphic designer can submit a draft of her work to the team for review, requesting feedback on her project before it is submitted to the client. Her team members can use Forms to submit responses for either specific selections (i.e., multiple choice answers) or more detailed feedback. This useful feature allows the requesting member to gather specific, timely information from a wide range of sources in one place to edit the project before the deadline efficiently.

For those vacation days when you’ve decided not to answer emails, you can set an “out of office” (OOO) notification for colleagues and clients (or even family members), informing them when you’ll be back at work so they aren’t left feeling like their email was lost in cyberspace.


Security and privacy of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has been designed with the highest level of security protection. The application works hard to block web attacks, malware, viruses, and foreign addresses. The junk folder filters spam and malicious/suspicious incoming mail, ensuring any items that come through can be deleted without harming your computer.

However, as with any email client, there are risks, and it’s advisable to ensure that your Internet security software and antivirus program are up to date to protect against attacks and malware. has a selection of antivirus and Internet security software to ensure your computer is safe from these attacks.


Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is just as its name suggests: a digital publishing application enabling users to create beautiful layouts for print and digital documents. It supplements the design features in other Microsoft Office programs, focusing on graphic and media-rich elements to help you design stylized layouts.

Ideal users of Publisher are graphic designers, marketing experts, creative writers, or creative designers in various industries, and it is also popular with small to medium-sized enterprises. While not as robust as some external design applications, MS Publisher complements the MS Office suite as a whole.

MS Publisher is not available in every edition of Microsoft Office; however, you can access this application in Microsoft Office Professional and MS Office Professional Pro suites. Users should be aware that while Publisher itself supports various file formats, Publisher files (.pub) aren’t supported by many external design programs for import.


Features of Microsoft Publisher

While MS Word and MS Publisher are quite similar in their functions (such as text editing, image upload, and customization of formatting and graphic elements), Publisher offers many advanced features that allow users to focus on layout and design rather than primarily on the text.

  • DESIGN: Thousands of pre-built templates are available for use, but plenty of options are available to create templates from scratch. Advanced features include shadowing, drop caps, outlining, special font effects, layers, and gradient fill.
  • OBJECTS: Edit images directly in Publisher, add stylistic elements such as borders, embed images and links with your documents, create custom logos, and layer objects to create visually attractive presentations
  • PUBLISH: Create and save stunning designs in multiple formats for a variety of media
  • TEXT: Use a variety of standard fonts (included with your software) and unique fonts (available for download) to stylize your publications and customize elements like headers and footers for future use as templates


Examples of publications users can create (from template or customization) include newsletters, company reports, certificates, postcards, book covers, guides, and more.

MS Publisher works with third-party email management software to publish direct-to-email, company marketing campaign news and sales letters. In the Ribbon tab you will have the ability to store various contact information for sending publications directly in Publisher with mass send functionality.


Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a more robust database application enabling users to manage vast data. While many users may view MS Excel as a database, Excel is a pared-down, less certain spreadsheet program, whereas MS Access is a database management software. The primary use for Access is consolidating data from multiple sources into one controlled, secure database, eliminating the need for multiple data locations.

MS Access can handle much larger volumes of information than Excel with multiple databases, and more elegant reference and organization functions offer users great, more secure control over their information.

Access also provides greater functionality with displaying and presenting data in reports, charts, tables, graphs, etc.

Especially suited to medium-sized enterprises, Access offers a database management application to help business owners streamline the reams of information that come into their company’s systems daily.

If you wish to create a simple database, you only need a low to moderate skill level for managing the functions and data within this program. Anything more complex, and users will be required to possess a greater skill level to harness the true program's power.


Features of Microsoft Access

  • PRODUCTIVITY: Access allows users to make live edits that show immediately in other MS Office programs, an excellent time-saving feature when searching through volumes of information at once.
  • CONTROLLED SECURITY: As a database, Access will be your central storage location for all controlled data. Higher security features of MS Access include encryption and password file protection.
  • ELIMINATE DUPLICATES AND ERRORS: Ensure that your data isn’t entered incorrectly or in multiple locations. With the integration among MS Office applications, you can be assured that your information won’t have to be manually entered or edited in another program. Access removes duplication and inconsistencies by using one main database to manage all data.
  • SMARTER INSIGHTS: Be able to search for and read your information with more intuitive insights. Having better data means making better business and financial decisions, giving your company the competitive edge. Powerful functions such as query filters and historical trends add to your database management toolkit.


Below is a comparison of a few functions between MS Excel and MS Access:


USE MS Access Ms. Excel
Validate basic user input Yes Yes
Complex user input validation or events (if field X = Y, and field Z is empty, perform some action) Yes Yes
Simple cross-references Yes Yes (VLookup and HLookup)
Attaching files/links to fields Yes (MS Access 2007 and MS Access 2010) No
Record-level auditing Possible with VB coding or UI Builder for Microsoft Access No
Rows/records supported Unlimited (up to 2GB) Excel 2000 and Excel 2003 (65,535 rows)
Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 (1,048,576 rows)
Reporting Yes Challenging to accomplish
Multiple users accessing data at the same time Yes (it can be slow, depending on network speed) No


Are caring you convinced that Microsoft Office suites fit you and your business? You can buy Microsoft Office Licenses here.


Are there alternatives to Microsoft Office?

There are few products that compare with Microsoft’s dominance in the arena of business productivity software. With the power and cross-platform integration when involving multiple applications that Microsoft Office provides, it’s easy to see why few, if any, software providers have come close to providing the level of support and functionality that MS Office suites offer.

The major providers that compete with MS Office are Open Office, Google Docs, and Oracle, Truly Office. These programs also provide consistent and robust features, functionality, and support for clients. As with any product or software, the choice narrows down to what you need to do and your specific goals for personal or professional projects. If you are looking for more flexibility when it comes to MS Office products, you can invest in Office 365 products that can be purchased on both monthly or yearly subscriptions.  

We at Softwarekeep sell Microsoft Office products because we use them and believe in their quality, performance, and the accompanying support you receive. We stand strongly behind Microsoft and the quality of their software products. Microsoft exists in a spirit of connectedness between user and device to provide the end user with the best possible experience with hardware and software.

Need another excuse to purchase a new digital download? Microsoft invests in the education and development of young people around the globe, with over 300 million youth helped worldwide via the YouthSpark program. They’ve also helped almost 3,000 active startups in Britain through their BizSpark program.


How do digital downloads work?

Because we’re always working hard to ensure we are doing everything possible to minimize our carbon footprint, all of our software products are available as digital downloads only. This ensures that no unnecessary packaging produces waste. Digital downloads also ensure that your new software can be downloaded shipping or handling charges and no wait times. We offer USB backups of all software purchases for an additional fee should you require a physical backup of your purchase.

Downloading digital software products is simple! We have created a step-by-step guide that walks you through the process of downloading your Microsoft Office product. Simply click on the product you wish to purchase and follow the instructions for payment, and you’ll soon receive an email confirmation with a download link for your new software product.

  • Please search for the software you want using our purchase guide as a starting point.
  • Select the software that best suits your needs
  • Add software to your online cart
  • Pay online via credit card for your purchase
  • Check your inbox for download instructions
  • Download and install your new software
  • Follow the steps outlined in the download guide
  • Contact us if you run into any problems


Should you have any questions about downloading your new software, or if you run into any issues, we’re eager to help! Contact us directly via phone (+1 877 315 1713), email ([email protected]), or live chat to speak with our dedicated support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How much do your Microsoft products cost?

Prices for Microsoft Office Suite programs on range from $58 - $449, depending on the programs included in each software package.

Our prices are some of the lowest prices on the market, and if you ever find a lower price online for the same authentic Microsoft product online, we’ll beat the price by 5%, guaranteed. purchases all our software products at a discount from our suppliers. As a result, we are able to pass along these discounts to our customers.

We are certainly able to accommodate bulk purchases for customers requiring large quantities of our digital download products. Please contact us directly via email in order to ensure that we can arrange the best possible savings for you.

Be sure to also watch for our regular sales promotions for more savings, as we consistently feature monthly sales on all our software.


How is Softwarekeep different? offers all our customers only 100% authentic Microsoft products, and we ensure that our money-back guarantee backs every product we sell. We always purchase genuine products from reliable, reputable suppliers in order to ensure the highest quality of our products. We expect only the best products for ourselves, and we believe that our customers deserve no less than the best software as well.

Should you have any questions about our digital download products, please don’t hesitate to contact us 24/7 to connect directly with one of our team members. Our technical support team is also happy to help you with any issues you may encounter downloading or using your newly-purchased software from

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