Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Single User CAL - Open License

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Give more users access to your Windows Server 2016, so more workers can enjoy all the new levels of efficiency and communication available on the server.

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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Single User CAL - Open License

Give more users access to your Windows Server 2016, so more workers can enjoy all the new levels of efficiency and communication available on the server.

What Is Microsoft Windows Server?

Windows Server is Microsoft’s operating system for its servers that provides a Windows-quality experience for users while also providing advanced tools for the server itself, including server management, data storage and security, application running, and communication tools.

Microsoft Windows Server has been available in several different editions, the most recent being 2016. To access a Microsoft Windows Server, new users will need a CAL.

What Is a User CAL?

A CAL is a client access license that allows a user or device to access a Microsoft Windows Server 2016. CALs are available for either users or devices. This product includes a User CAL that allows one user to gain unlimited access the server from any device.

Device CALs for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 are available elsewhere on SoftwareKeep.

What Is an Open License?

Open Licenses are flexible volume licenses from Microsoft that allow small and midsize businesses to purchase Microsoft products on an as-needed basis.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Is Not Included in This Product

This product only includes the above-mentioned User CAL for the Microsoft Windows Server 2016. The server itself is not part of this purchase.

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More Information
Operating System Windows
Year of Product 2016

A Device CAL Provides Access to All Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Features

A Device CAL allows users to access all of the incredible features found on the Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Those features include more powerful virtualization, more storage, more security, and vastly more server memory to perform far more advanced tasks, all while keeping your data safe.

Remote access to all licensed devices—One of the central benefits of running Windows Server 2016 is that every device that access the server with a Device CAL is able to access all the benefits of the server from anywhere. All that is required is an internet connection, and that device can get the same quality of use from the server as they would if they were connected on-premises. This allows offices to accommodate workers in the office and anywhere in the world, allowing all parties to share, connect, and collaborate effectively as if they were in the same room.

More server memory—To run some of the more advanced features on the Windows Server 2016, it can take quite a bit of memory. Microsoft has provided for this situation by increasing the amount of memory available for the server. Physical memory has increase from 4 to 24 TB and virtual machine memory support has jumped from 1 to 12 TB.

Powerful new security features—Increasingly, the most serious risk to businesses comes from data security. Keeping sensitive data and new ideas safe on a server is priority number 1. Microsoft accommodates those concerns by including a number of new server security features in Windows Server 2016, including:

  • Windows Defender guards the whole server from malware encroachment. It updates itself regularly to make sure it is prepared for the ever-changing threats malware pose.
  • Credential Guard makes sure sensitive data is only visible to those who have the authorization to view it. With Credential Guard, sensitive data is kept out of view for anyone who might misuse it either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Remote Credential Guard has a similar function to Credential Guard, only for devices connecting to the server. In this case, Remote Credential Guard ensures that data on a device is never shared with the server, keeping all that device’s data safe.
  • Shielded Virtual Machines provide an extra level of protection for virtual machines. They allow for safe attestation and key protection, while also providing an extra level of encryption protection. Diagnostics can be run through PowerShell, which then allows for easy troubleshooting if errors are found.
  • Containers—One of the great advancements Microsoft has made in recent years is the container, which allows for programs to be run, tested, and developed in isolation from the rest of the server. This allows them to be more easily moved around the server and also allows changes to be made without affecting the wider server. Containers are so powerful, they can allow you to even run hostile applications without any risk. At the same time, you can quickly correct programs without any risk.

Nano—Nano is a slimmed down operating system run offsite that reduces a lot of the work your server has to do, including 93% lower virtual hard disk size and 80% fewer required reboots.

New advanced storage features—The server also includes new storage improvements, including:

  • Storage Replica provides your server with the ability to guarantee zero data loss during disaster recovery, thanks to the new use of synchronous and asynchronous replication.
  • Storage Quality of Service monitors the performance of all your virtual machines to make sure none of them are taking up too many server resources. This makes sure your server continues to run smoothly.
System Requirements
  • There are no specific system requirements for a device access a Microsoft Windows Server 2016, other than the need for the appropriate CAL.
  • However, devices are recommended to be kept up-to-date and to be using a compatible operating system.

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Single User CAL - Open License

  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows Server 2016
  • Minimum Hard Drive Space: 32 Gb
  • Minimum Memory: 512 Mb
  • Minimum Processor Speed: 1.4 Ghz
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