Microsoft Office 2016 Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Office 2016 Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Office 2016 has a lot of hidden treasures buried deep within its interface, and you won’t have to dig deeper to find them. These tricks and shortcuts will help save you from doing too much work and spending excessive amounts of energy. These are not hard to do because you’ll only need a few clicks using your mouse and a few taps on the keyboard.

You will finish a lot of work in a short period by using these hacks, and it will help in increasing your efficiency. Buy our cheap Microsoft Office 2016 digital products at Software Keep and try these shortcuts out for yourself.

Best Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Word is probably one of the most used programs for businesses provided by Microsoft. It is so because of its functionality and capability to create different types of documents such as reports, advertisement pieces and more. All of the tools that you need may be visible on its sleek interface, but there are tons of shortcuts you can use to make your life easier. Copy and paste may be two of the most-used functions used in Word, and you would usually do this by selecting a word and right-clicking until the option comes up.

There is an easier way to copy and paste a single word. Do a double left-click with your mouse and then use the CTRL + C to copy and CTRL + V to paste a particular word anywhere you want. If you want to use the same method with, say, a few paragraphs, you don’t have to hold the left-click of the mouse until you select all of the text. Just press CTRL + A on your keyboard, and it will select all of the text in your document. You can use this same trick if you want to select all of the files inside a folder.

If you want to open a recently-used file inside Microsoft Word without clicking on the File tab, you can use this step. Press CTRL + O, and it will display your recently used files. If you want to increase and decrease the font size of a text with ease, use CTRL + ] to increase and CTRL + [ to reduce the font size by one point. Some people may not notice, but there is a feature in Word that can help you what you need to do.

This is usually found on the uppermost part of the window, and it says ’Tell me what you want to do.' If you are having trouble finding it, a good way to bring it up is by pressing ALT + Q simultaneously. If you want to save a document, press CTRL + S and it will allow you to save your document. Creating or opening a new blank document is easier once you pressed CTRL + N.

Easy Shortcuts to Conquer Windows

New operating systems such as Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 can be a little hard to grasp especially if you’ve been using older versions for a long time. There may be times where you can’t find certain programs or applications on your desktop. This is an issue that can be dealt with easily using a couple of keys. If you are going to press the Windows key together with ’R’, you will notice that a box on the lower-left side of the screen will appear. This function is called the Run box, and it will help you open files, applications or programs.

This box will let you type the name of the folder or program that you want to open. You only have to make sure that you typed in the correct keyword for it to work. Some commonly used keywords in the Run box are ’iexplore’ which will open Internet Explorer and ’hh 123’ or ’hh HTML’ to open HTML Help. Another example is ’MSConfig’ which opens up the System Configuration box and ’appwiz.cpl’ to open Programs and Features.

Checking the Task Manager helps you in identifying the programs that are currently opened and running, processes, performance and more. It is a handy tool to use if you want to kill a program that is not responding and monitor the performance of the CPU, Network, Disk and Memory. There are a lot of advanced options in the task manager, and many people depend on it. In Windows 10, it can easily be accessed by doing a left-click on the Start icon and choosing Task Manager. If you want an easier way, simultaneously pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC will do the trick.

Some people have two screens or monitors, and you have to set it up correctly to make sure that it will display images properly. There are different options to project the display on your screen, and it can be a little hard to identify how to configure the projection. An easy way to choose a project for your dual-monitor is by pressing the Windows key + P. This will open the Project option which will allow you to choose whether you want to extend or duplicate the display or let it show on the PC screen only or the second screen only.

Best Tricks to Use in Excel and PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is commonly used for presentations. PowerPoint is also included in all our products ideal for school projects. It is important to know a couple of shortcut keys to save time and energy when doing so. A good shortcut to use when using PowerPoint is by pressing CTRL + M to open or create a new slide. If you want to duplicate the existing slide that you are working on, just press CTRL + Shift + D. Once you’re ready to start the slideshow, simply press F5 to start it. If you want to see the current slide again, combine CTRL + Shift + F5.

Microsoft Excel also has different shortcuts that can be handy for people who want to finish their task easily. Putting the current date and time in a spreadsheet is a common habit that people do. There is a simple way to do this without typing the date inside a cell. Just press CTRL + ; to display the current time. If you also want to add the current time, press CTRL + Shift + : simultaneously.

These tips and tricks will help you conquer Microsoft Office 2016 with ease. It’s a system that can be a little hard to navigate your way around, but these shortcuts will help you all throughout the journey. To learn more about Word, Excel and PowerPoint shortcuts you can check out this article.

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