Helpful Shortcuts for Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

Helpful Shortcuts for Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

Mac is one of the leading companies when it comes to technology. They produce innovative gadgets that help people finish their tasks promptly. However, when it comes to creating documents, people still rely on Microsoft Office.

The Mac version of Microsoft Office is not much different from the original one, but some function and shortcuts are a little different. Check out our beautiful infographic that will definitely help you save effort and time. You can download Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac here if you want to start increasing your productivity.

Maximize Your Tools

One of the highlights of Microsoft Office 2016 is the improved Ribbon. People rely on this because it is a convenient tool especially for people who follow a particular format when it comes to creating documents. Even if the Ribbon is proven to be useful, some people don’t use it, while some just want to maximize their screen and remove additional tools.

There is a way to hide the Ribbon if you don’t need it. On the far-right side of the Ribbon, there is a small arrow pointing upwards. Once you click on it, it will hide the Ribbon. If you wish to bring it back, just click on the same arrow.

Sharing a document is another functional feature of the Office 2016, but you would have to undergo a lot of processes. In Office 2016 for Mac, there is a button called silhouette icon. This is a way to share documents in one click.

The profile image is located at the upper right-hand corner, and it allows you to invite others to help you with the document and even send it to a standard e-mail.

Another useful feature in Office 2016 for Mac is the Navigation pane. It allows you to access the most complex documents without taking too much of your time and effort. To access the Navigation pane, just click on the View tab, choose Sidebar and select Navigation.

It’s always good to have a personal touch on your documents. If you are into personalizing and styling, Office 2016 for Mac can give you various options on how to do it. In the Home tab, you can choose from a lot of designs, or you can make one yourself. This is a good way to style your personal document with just a few clicks.

The built-in dictionary and auto-correct feature of Office 2016 are useful, but not all of the words are included in it. If you noticed that the Office 2016 installed on your computer doesn’t have an auto-correct suggestion for a particular word, you could easily add it.

To do this, go to Tools, and you will find a button that says Autocorrect. After selecting Autocorrect, you can type in the word and it will automatically be added as entry to the dictionary.

Office 2016 Shortcuts for Mac Programs

Excel is one of the most useful programs in Office 2016, especially if you always create reports for your business. The common extension name of an Excel file is .xlsx and can only be opened by the Excel program. However, what if you need it to be in a PDF format?

There is a simple step to save your Excel file in a PDF format. In the Print Dialog box, you will see the option "Save as a PDF". This option can also be viewed on the PDF drop-down menu to ensure the user’s convenience.

People who are beginners in Excel may find it hard to create or build a formula. This is not a difficult task, but it can be quite confusing at times. This is the reason why MS Office 2016 has a Formula Builder that can help you create simple to complex formulas.

To access this feature, just press the Shift and F3 button simultaneously. By pressing these two keys, you will be provided with the most complex mathematical formulas.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a convenient program to use when it comes to presentations. However, there are times that you forget to review the slides and miss some errors. If you want a flawless-looking presentation, it is better to check it by using the Presenter view.

The presenter view is a feature in PowerPoint that lets you see the slides and the thumbnail view of your presentation. A helpful feature that is included in the Presenter view is the timer and clock which helps you to keep track of time.

Outlook is a popular e-mail program created by Microsoft. MS Outlook has many different and useful features, and one of them is the ability to get information about the weather. Just click on the word "Information" at the top of your calendar, and it will automatically display the data you need about the weather. You can easily hide it again by clicking on the same button.

Toggling between two tabs can be quite tiring especially if you are not a fan of too much clicking. This usually happens when you have to switch between two calendars to check meetings or appointments.

There is no need to do this anymore because MS Office 2016 has the capability to view side-by-side calendars. You can quickly activate the side-by-side calendars on the Navigation pane. This will allow you to compare your two calendars quickly and it will let you save time and effort.

There are also some essential shortcuts you need to know about Office 2016 if you are still adjusting with the advanced alternatives. These shortcuts work for any program in Office 2016 such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Command + P is a simple alternative to print a document.

The shortcut for the copy function is Command + C while to paste is Command + V. To find a file or a text, just press Command or Control + F and it will ask you to type in a word that is related to the file you are looking for.

Clicking on too many tabs and buttons can be quite tiring. This is the reason why shortcuts are created to ensure the user’s convenience. Microsoft Office 2016 has a lot of features, and it is hard to find and master all of them. You can easily memorize these shortcuts, and you will immediately look like an IT pro in no time.

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