5 Essential Excel Templates You Need in Your Life (Part 1)

5 Essential Excel Templates You Need in Your Life (Part 1)

Excel is without a doubt the industry-leading application used by countless companies and organizations to take care of business needs. Many individuals also utilize it to get their daily life organised.


Whether or not you're involved in the business world, Excel has something to offer in regards to keeping everything in check. Even beyond Excel's tools are its templates, which give you the ability to easily set up a workbook with everything you need readily available and put in place.


Templates can help you give your project a headstart, you can use it to automate certain parts of your work which ultimately leads to saving a lot of time and effort while keeping a top-quality work regardless.


The use of templates has become something most of us do in our work, which is not surprising because of the benefits a well put together template can bring to the table.


First and foremost, you could save precious time by using a pre-made template, allowing you to focus more on other important things such as the content in your documents. Within Excel, templates have another advantage going for them: it is extremely easy to customise the templates Microsoft offers.


You can input your information within mere seconds, change colours and even the entire composition of the template, allowing you to build your own, unique ideas on top of a powerful foundation.


All of these templates are available on templates.office.com for free.


Track My Tasks


Are you looking for a quick way to be able to track your tasks, start dates, due dates as well as the progress of your work?


Use this template for a compact, easy-to-understand method of keeping your life organized.


The progress bar shows a visual representation of your progress, and you can even add notes next to your tasks.


Weekly Meal Planner


This Excel template can get your eating habits back on track with a simple but effective schedule to plan out your meals, or put together a shopping list for your favorite recipes.


You can even customize the template to your needs, for example, instead of a recipe you can change the template to show the meal’s calories.


Subscription and membership tracker

Are you using subscription-based services, or have you purchased a membership to somewhere such as a gym, an online website, or anything of the sort?


With this template, you can keep track of all of these subscriptions and memberships.


This template allows you to quickly note down the date you sent your payment, the amount you paid, the expiration date of your subscription or membership, and even the duration you have been using it for.


With this template, you will never forget when to renew.


Travel Expense Tracker

This template gives you a way of keeping a record of the expenses of your travels. Note down names, expenses, start and end dates, and even calculate the total with this accessible template.


Personal money tracker

This template gives you a visual summary of your personal money. By simply entering your starting cash total, then updating your transactions, Excel is able to calculate your savings and total, and much more.


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