10 Professional PowerPoint Templates to Outdo Your Presentation (Part 2)

10 Professional PowerPoint Templates to Outdo Your Presentation (Part 2)

Even if you work from scratch, PowerPoint is without a doubt the best application to use when creating high-end presentations, and the templates offered with it are just the cherry on top. In case you never thought about utilising a template, let Microsoft speak for themselves by providing you with high quality, easy to customise templates to speed up your workflow, thus saving huge amounts of time and providing you with the best of the best ways to put your thoughts into a dynamic, professional-looking presentation.


Thaliard Presentation Template

This template was designed with presenting statistics and data in a visually pleasing way. Numbers can be a heavy topic to take in for your audience, but with using this template you can ensure that the eyes will be glued to the screen!

Solanio Presentation Template

If you are an avid lover of nature, or simply run a business related to natural resources, look no further than this template. Use Solanio’s nature-inspired elements to get your point across quickly combined with the lovely green colours found in the template.

Rosalind Presentation Template

Looking for something to grab the interest of anyone in the audience? This template is perfect. The snappy magenta to purple gradient is hard to miss, and the designs of the slides are modern yet elegant at the same time, providing you with plenty of visual impacts.

Viola Presentation Template

Prefer something more minimalist and clean? Viola is just for you. The design is easy to digest but still provides with enough colour to highlight major points in your text. This template works for both content-heavy and smaller presentations.

Ursula Presentation Template

Travel back in time with this blackboard inspired template! The fonts and shapes (such as arrows, squares, circles and underlines)  in this pack are all hand-drawn to look like they were made with white chalk, this gives a good contrast with the template's dark background.

Dion Presentation Template

With vintage maps set as slide backgrounds, you can make an excellent presentation about geography, history or even travelling. The classy typography gives this template a really thematic feeling that’s going to make the audience fall in love with your presentation.

Gertrude Presentation Template

This modern and minimalist template is perfect for showcasing content with larger images. The actual design revolves around neutral colours, making it possible to match any type of picture with the template while also giving you the ability to fit in text and other elements.

Balthasar Presentation Template

Balthasar heavily focuses on professional lectures, mostly about finance and other money-related topics. The dark design and creative decoration ensure that even if your presentation talks about economics, no one in the audience will let out a yawn.

Juliet Presentation Template

Looking for an artsy way to express yourself? This watercolour inspired template has you covered. Combining traditional with modern, Juliet ensures that your presentation looks stunning.

Cadwal Presentation Template

When in need of professionalism, this template is one of your best choices. Modern, clean design with a little pop of colour for highlights - you couldn’t ask for more.

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