Windows Storage Server 2008 Embedded Basic

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The data-driven industry of our days requires each and every business to have a reliable storage system. Even if you're looking for an affordable solution because your business is on a budget, Windows Storage Server 2008 is the perfect solution for your business' data storage. It's a Windows server solution specifically designed for network-attached devices with hardware optimized to bring you the best storage capabilities.

The benefits and features of Windows Storage Server 2008 go beyond just storage. You can significantly reduce your IT administrator's workload, create domain forests, centrally manage Windows servers, and much more. Don't waste time and money on complicated storage servers, and take advantage of the innovative features found in Microsoft's solution.

Basic brings you the essentials needed to set up your new Storage Server. Being the low-end of the product line, it doesn’t pack as many features as the Workgroup edition and up, but it doesn’t fall behind other storage solutions either. Get the essential Storage Server features to start bringing your business to the next level and get a taste of the extensive capabilities of Windows Storage Server 2008.

Start enjoying the countless benefits of Windows Storage Server 2008 and purchase the product today for the greatest value. If this version isn't what you're looking for, check out our selection of products and browse through many other versions to find the perfect fit for your business.

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Operating System Windows
Year of Product 2019

Overview of Windows Storage Server 2008 Embedded Basic Features

  • • Fast and simple deployment makes it possible to get started with work sooner.
  • • Maximized compatibility allows you to work seamlessly with all Windows products.
  • • Use the included full-featured print server.
  • • DFS Namespace is readily available to help with file replication over WANs.
  • • Customize your storage server to meet the requirements your business needs.
  • • Work with unlimited users.
  • • Integrate with Active Directory to enforce policies and increase your security.
  • • Search 4.0 to make searching easier.



Get started with Windows Storage Server 2008 faster than ever. The fast and simple installation and deployment allow users to focus on work instead of spending hours upon hours tinkering with configuration and the initial setup. This time, the OEM-extensible out-of-the-box experience guides you through the setup and configuration, making your job easier when deploying a Storage Server.


File Sharing

High-performance SMB 2.0 for Windows makes file sharing much faster. Whenever files are copied, the new SMB (Server Message Block) used speeds up the process, eliminating any of the frustrations caused by SMB 1.0 previously. With Basic, you’re able to establish up to 20 SMB connections.

File Server

The file server role is optimized by default to gain over 8% better performance. The old-school 8.3 name creation routines and file-system aliasing were removed along with the overhead they bring to file-system drivers. These settings along with the general performance tuning guidelines for Windows Server 2008 can vastly improve the performance of your Storage Server.



BitLocker Drive Encryption

Security is an issue all businesses have to face on the daily. Data thieves and malicious hackers try to get into your Storage Server to gain access to sensitive information. BitLocker is used to prevent these attackers from breaking system protections or using offline viewing to gain access to files stored on a protected drive.

Windows Server Backup

Backing up your Storage Server is important, as unpredictable disasters can happen at any time. This release offers basic backup and recovery options to keep your volumes and system state backed up securely. Systems can be recovered to new hard disks if needed by using a full server backup, or the Windows Recovery Environment.


Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell is essentially the enhanced version of the command application we've all grown to love. The task-based nature of PowerShell allows system administrators to perform interactions with easy access to a powerful scripting language. Automate administrative tasks and take full control over your Storage Server, saving you more time than ever before.

Full Text Search

Being able to search on a Storage Server is extremely important. The new, fast, and effective search can be accessed using Windows XP and later. All versions of Windows Storage Server 2008 support Search 4.0, which can be downloaded and added to storage appliances at any given time.

System Requirements

System Requirements

• CPU:1 GHz (IA-32) 1.4 GHz (x86-64 or Itanium)

• RAM:512 MB

• HDD:Other editions, 32-bit: 20 GB

        Other editions, 64-bit: 32 GB Foundation: 10 GB

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