Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services (Device Cal)

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Today’s businesses have a need to expand beyond the limitations of a single traditional office. This naturally brings more employees into the picture from various different locations, as well as many unique workspaces and work arrangements. If you worry about the connectivity and accessibility of your company, take a look at Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services.

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Take your Windows Server 2012 edition to the next level with the addition of powerful remote desktop capabilities. Expand beyond the limitations of a single, traditional office environment and bring more employees into the picture, even from various different locations. Ensure the connectivity and accessibility of your company with Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services.

Only a small number of server solutions remained popular over the years, and Microsoft’s solution is one of the first picks that comes to mind for many IT professionals. Countless businesses still rely on the capabilities and features introduced in Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services, as it makes working in a remote server environment easy and seamless.

As opposed to the competition, the features in Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services remained a top-tier choice even years after its release. Get better administration, management, virtualization, and take advantage of these features to get your company to the next level.

Handle a large amount of data transition and interact with your server, documents, and files without having to worry about overloading the server. Your company documents are safe while still just as easy to forward and share. Documents shared in the new Work Folders are saved and encrypted on the server before syncing across all server devices.

The virtualization capabilities of your server are about to become better than ever before. Allow your administrators to install operating systems and run applications otherwise not compatible with Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services. The new cloud backup, virtual memory, multi-tenancy, and Hyper-V compatibility further expand this side of your server to make your virtual machines worth investing in.

Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services’ accessibility further rises with Device CALs. Using these allows any device to become an access point, allowing you to effectively scale your business to fit your needs. Sit back and relax while your business grows with the addition of every new device.

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More Information
Operating System Windows
Year of Product 2012

Take advantage of Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services by utilizing all of its revolutionary features. Take a look at some of its most important virtues to get a taste of just how powerful your business server can become with one single solution.

  • Access your server, centralized applications, and workstations remotely.
  • Ease administration across your entire business server.
  • File encryption and easier sharing options to get documents across your entire company in one click.
  • Powerful virtualization to further expand your business.
  • Use Device CALs and scale your business for your personalized needs.
  • Deduplicate data to ensure there’s always enough space on the server.
  • Use the IP Address Management (IPAM) to locate and manage IP address spaces on your networks.
  • Enjoy improvements made to the CHKDSK application to quickly and effectively identify issues.
  • PowerShell 3.0 makes its debut in Windows Server 2012 with over 2000 commands available for users to execute.
System Requirements

Individual computers have no outright system requirements to access the server.

The system requirements to run the Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop services are:

  • Processor: 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
  • RAM: 512 MB minimum; 32 GB maximum for Foundation edition, 64 GB maximum for Essentials edition
  • Available Disk Space: 32 GB minimum, more if you have more than 32 GB RAM
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