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Microsoft brings the latest technologies to communities, students, and teachers in a simple, cost-efficient way. You’re able to improve the learning experience of your students, work together with coworkers, all in a protected and monitored environment. The setup and management are simpler than ever - use a single computer to support multiple users simultaneously, each user working with an individual monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This gives users the familiar Windows computing experience, yet becomes more cost-effective with only a single computer operating instead of several at a time.

Schools and other organizations can now provide more people with access to computers and the internet, even with small and limited budgets. You'll never have to worry about being able to compete for 21st-century jobs with easy access to the latest technology. If your organization doesn't have the sufficient funds to purchase, set up and maintain numerous individual computers, choose Windows MultiPoint Server 2012.

The Premium edition brings all of the Standard features to the table, with several upgrades and additional capabilities as a bonus. Don’t miss out on our offer to purchase the Premium edition of Windows MultiPoint Server 2012, and start enjoying the benefits of a MultiPoint Server today.



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Operating System Windows
Year of Product 2019


Overview of Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Premium Features

As this edition of the Windows MultiPoint Server is built on the strong foundation of Windows Server 2012, many new features and capabilities are available to users. While keeping functionality from previous releases, you still get huge improvements and new features in Windows MultiPoint Server 2012:

  • • Connect stations and thin clients over LAN, allowing multiple users to use the same computer simultaneously.
  • • Create stations from virtual machines. (New, Premium only)
  • • Administrators can view and interact with station desktop thumbnails in the following ways:
    • - Lock the keyboard and mouse of a station and display a message on the monitor.
    • - Open and close applications remotely.
    • - Restrict internet browsing by blocking a list of websites.
  • • Use the new MultiPoint Dashboard application to allow specific non-administrator users to monitor and interact with other stations. (New)
  • • The added Disk Protection server feature discards any changes made to your server during user sessions, similarly to Windows SteadyState. (New)
  • • Enjoy the new Windows 8 desktop experience for users, including access to the Windows Store. (New)
  • • Monitor client computers running Windows 8 or Windows 7 with the MultiPoint Server Connector. (New)

Access Installed Applications

Applications and software programs installed on the host computer can be accessed from any connected station without needing to install the same software again. This feature speeds up work and makes it simpler to install required apps without having to worry about matching versions and obtaining multiple copies.

Note: Microsoft Office and similar Microsoft applications that use Volume Licensing still require separate licenses for each user station on your MultiPoint Server. This applies to other software manufacturers as well; make sure to research whether or not the software has any specific licensing requirements for shared computing environments.

Multi-Server Management

In most instances, you’ll be working with more than five or six stations at a time. Depending on the size of your class or group, you may even have more than twenty stations active at a time - this requires a lot of resources to run smoothly from one host computer.

Multi-Server Management allows you to set up multiple host computers, which all manage only a cluster of stations, yet all of these stations can be accessed and managed from any host computer. This splits the resources used to run your MultiPoint server but doesn’t stop administrators from accessing any of the connected stations.


Say goodbye to using complicated third-party applications for screen sharing, and meet the Project feature. You’re able to take the screen of one station and project it onto any or all other stations currently active. This makes it simple to demonstrate tasks and features, work together, watch videos together, show work such as presentations, and much more.

Public Documents Folder

File sharing and collaboration is easy with the Public Documents folder. You're able to share information and files with the other stations connected to the host, allowing you to quickly get files across and collaborate on projects. Everyone can see and access the Public Documents, while each user has the ability to create private folders which can only be accessed by themselves and the administrator.

64-bit Architecture

The exclusively 64-bit functionality is a welcome improvement from previously 32-bit servers. By using a 64-bit architecture, you can address more than 4GB of RAM and vastly improve the performance of your MultiPoint Server. This amongst many things enable your Windows MultiPoint Server to become a much better server, no matter what purpose you need it for.

System Requirements

System Requirements

Minimum base PC system running RDSH (formerly “Terminal Services”) desktops (supporting up to 4 lightly loaded stations):

  • Processor: Dual-Core Processor and 1 core or thread for every two stations.
  • Memory: 2 GB Memory and 0.5 GB of memory per station.
  • Hard Disk: 20 GB

PC system running Virtual Machine-based virtual desktops (full Windows 7 / 8 instances):

  • CPU: SLAT, 1 core or thread per station (multimedia-360p) or ½ core or thread per stations (productivity). (For example, a 4 core CPU with hyperthreading is 8 threads.)
  • Storage: SSD, Random R/W IOPS: >= 3K/station, Capacity-20GB/station + 40GB for the host operating system.
  • RAM: 2GB/station + 2GB for the host operating system
  • GPU: DX11
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