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Windows Essential Business Server 2008 fills the wide gap between a server dedicated to smaller companies and home users and the other end of the spectrum - a server one for enterprise-level establishments. This release brings together essential Microsoft product technologies into one, fully integrated multi-server installation. Complete with standard technologies, administration capabilities, top security options and more, it’s the perfect option for midsize businesses. It aims to help you achieve things more efficiently by simplifying the deployment and administration of the infrastructure.

Facilitating great integration capabilities, advanced premium security features, and allowing you to automate specific tasks, Windows Essential Business Server 2008 is your #1 sever solution. You can find everything you need in one place, eliminating the need to purchase, install and maintain multiple products or technologies in order to have a functioning business server.

Tasks that would take hours of your precious time can be executed more efficiently, especially in a midsize business environment with 50 to 300 users or devices. Reduce the time required for administering and let your IT administrators focus on initiatives and strategies to maximize the value of your business.

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GTIN 882224744874
Operating System Windows
Year of Product 2019

Server Operating System

With the strong foundation of Microsoft's standard edition Windows Server 2008, the core technologies are present in this Essential Business Server release. Use a reliable, flexible and robust Windows Server release that stays as one of the most beloved releases to date.

Easier Server Management

Say goodbye to managing installations separately with the completely new Server Manager. This convenient enhancement takes managing your server a step further by allowing system administrators to access a one-stop-shop for server management. Your IT staff no longer requires multiple tools to manage Windows Server 2008, which further reduces the time taken to perform simple tasks.


It doesn't matter if you run a DNS server, DHCP server, file services, domain services, or something else, management options and monitoring are available with one click. Additionally, you can reach critical tools right from the Server Manager such as Windows Firewall, Device Manager, Event Viewer, and even WMI Control.



The need for virtualization isn't neglected in Windows Server 2008. You can use a single machine to take on the functions of other machines while using resources simultaneously without overlap or conflict. This brings many benefits to business users. Purchasing, running, and maintaining fewer physical machines is more efficient, meaning that virtual machines can save you a large sum of money.


Hyper-V functions in a different way than the previous Virtual Server, as it uses a hypervisor to create an abstraction layer when booting. This allows virtual machines to perform minimal kernel functions before abstracting the environment required for running more than one operating system and associated apps on top of the kernel. With this, you get significantly better performance and a faster, scalable virtual environment.


Server Core

Server Core allows you to deploy a minimal version of Windows Server 2008 if a machine needs only specific functionality. You can configure a Server Core installation to take on common functions which are perfect for creating a DNS server, DHCP server, file server, or an Active Directory. You aren't limited to these options - you can set up operations such as media streaming, printing services or Windows virtualization.

This new feature allows server management personnel and network administrators to develop and deploy highly specialized environments where it is needed. The installation is different from regular Microsoft OS, as the interface is minimal. You can call up a Task Manager and Notepad, but most things are done through command lines. This brings benefits such as the reduced time needed for management, which means less maintenance required.

Messaging and Collaboration

Windows Essential Business Server 2008 environments can now take advantage of the technology introduced by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. This brings advanced e-mail and calendar functionality, allowing you and your teams to communicate and collaborate far more effectively. You’re no longer required to use third-party e-mail clients to get your message across, which proves even more security and a much more comfortable e-mailing experience. Additionally, with the calendar, you can set up meeting times, deadlines, or any other schedule to ensure you and your co-workers always remember important dates.

Premium E-mail Security

You can use Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server to protect your e-mail inbox from viruses hidden within incoming messages. This includes attachments containing malware, as well as typical spam mail that floods your inbox with annoying messages. Forefront incorporates features from top-quality antivirus engines to offer layered protection against most e-mail-based threats used by cybercriminals and scammers.

Backup Service

Windows Server Backup received numerous improvements to allow you to backup your server faster. You're able to back up an entire server of choose to incrementally back one up depending on your needs. Once a backup is made, you will notice that restoration has been made a whole lot easier as well. As opposed to manually restoring from multiple backups, you can simply choose the date of a backup and Windows Server 2008 will do its magic to restore it.

System Requirements


Minimum: 1GHz (IA-32); 1.4GHz (x86-64 or Itanium)
Recomended: 2GHz of faster

Minimum:512 MB
Recomended:2GB or greater

Minimum:OFoundaiton 10GB, ther editions; 32-bit:20GB, 64-Bit: 32GB
Recomended: 40GB

Devices: DVD drive, 800 × 600 or higher display, keyboard and mouse

2008 R2

Minimum: 1.4GHz (x86-64 or Itanium)
Recomended: 2GHz or faster

Minimum:512 MB
Recomended:2GB or greater

Minimum: Foundaiton 10GB, ther editions; 32-bit:20GB, 64-Bit: 32GB
Recomended: 40GB

Devices:VD drive, 800 × 600 or higher display, keyboard and mouse

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