SQL Server 2014 10 User CALs

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Today’s business world calls for more sophisticated server network installations. This calls for an efficient access approach that your employees can use to access your network servers, without risking your data and information.  SQL Server 2014 10 Device CALs is the solution that your company needs for effective database management. Device CALs enables restriction of devices and connected users to access the network servers easily. 

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SQL server production looks into the needs of the clients and addresses their particular server and database needs. If SQL Server is already installed and running in your enterprise network, you’ll be wondering how your staff will be able to access the server. And more, you must be thinking how to license your staff, whether per User or per device. Depending on your enterprise and type of clients, now you have the SQL Server 2014 10 User CALs to solve your database management questions and enable your users to access the server to allow them to work smartly and easily when they need to add, retrieve or review important business data.

You can control who has access to your server through the User CALs. Your workstations are connected to your server network, with different people likely to access your network server software for different functions, such as print and file sharing. With the SQL Server 2014 User CALs, you can now license who accesses server software legally and monitor their activities. 

Your network server could be set-up in such a manner that allows roaming or access from unknown devices. This could be a reason to worry or not. The SQL Server 2014 user CALs offers you a solution. Purchasing a User CAL is sensible to solve this situation because when your employees use their specific User CAL their identity is captured, and you would know who accessed your network server and from where using which device. 

The intended advantage of SQL Server 2014 with 10 User CALs is to give you a cost-effective and manageable approach of managing access to your server network. You will be able to allocate your users access to server software from any device that they may use, and easily monitor each CAL signature and its functions. This advantage eliminates the need for a Device CAL since, for every device accessed, there is a particular User among the 10 CALs that must have used the device to access the server software.

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Operating System Windows
  • Make use of the Improved and updatable ColumnStore: for your Data Warehousing needs, which can now query 100x faster compared to the legacy solutions, while guaranteeing you an utmost data security.
  • Enjoy Mission-critical performance: accelerated with the new in-memory, built-in OLTP engine, able to deliver average 10x, and up to 30x transactional performance gains. 
  • Utilize the new platform for hybrid cloud: since it’s designed to operate in a hybrid environment, spanning both in the cloud and on-premises and complimented with new tools, which ease the backup and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Experience faster insights on any data: with the sizable BI platform, which speeds up the access, analysis, cleaning, and shaping of both external and internal data and connects every User to the right data for better, faster decisions.
  • Exploit Scalable data warehousing: that enables you to scale your data to petabytes for relational data warehousing and integrate with non-relational sources such as Hadoop; you’ll as well sort your data storage needs from smallest to largest data while handling queries up to 100x faster.
  • Experience breakthrough, in-memory performance: with the new in-memory data warehousing enhancements and transaction processing capabilities that will scale and transform your business with higher performance.  
  • Scale your business intelligence: to enrich and secure your data, as well as ensure data accuracy and quality with a complete BI solution. You’ll also be able to build a comprehensive, enterprise-scale analytic solution with Analysis Services.
  • Always on: gives you a unified solution through high availability and greater disaster recovery to gain faster failover, greater uptime, improved manageability, and much better use of hardware resources.
  • Exploit the proven, predictable performance: with the SQL Server that consistently leads in real-world application performance benchmarks and certified to run most demanding workloads.
  • Don’t worry about Security and compliance: since you gain the ability of robust auditing, transparent data encryption, extensible key management, and encrypted backups to ensure your data security and compliance.
System Requirements

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for installing SQL Server 2014 10 User CALs:

  • Processor: 1.0 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Disk Space: 6 GB
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