ShieldApps Webcam Blocker - 12 Months License

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Webcam Blocker is a cyber-privacy software designed to protect your computer’s webcam and microphone from hacking attempts and from internal or external breaches in security.

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Protect Your Webcam from Intrusion

ShieldApps’ Webcam Blocker is a cyber-privacy software designed to protect your computer’s webcam and microphone from hacking attempts and from internal or external breaches in security.
ShieldApps’ Webcam Blocker is sophisticated security software utilizing advanced privacy enhancement algorithms with a simple interface offering single-click protection.
ShieldApps’ Webcam Blocker equips standard webcams with advanced privacy protection mechanisms, which allows you to block any attempt at hacking your camera.

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Operating System Windows
Year of Product 2013

Product Features And Highlights

  • Tons Of New Improvements People familiar with previous versions of Office will be sure to appreciate all the new features and additions. Office 2013 is much more "cloud" based than previous versions, and lets you sync and save documents to online drives you can access from anywhere. You can "sync and save" directly to OneDrive or SkyDrive, for example.
  • Instant Download And Registration The Home And Student Instant License feature is a really strong selling point for Office 2013. Students can purchase and download Office with just one click, directly from Microsoft. And it comes complete with the license key for immediate registration. Hence the term, Home And Student Instant License.
  • Parallel Install Compatible With Older Versions Of Office One of the benefits of owning previous versions of Microsoft Office, is that you can "mix and match" Office 2013 and use older/previous versions of Office directly alongside one another. This way you can retain the usage of your previous Office install without any conflict.
  • Advanced Editing Features Office 2013 is jam packed with editing features that improve upon / add to previous versions of Office. Some of these include : The ability to edit PDF's without additional software, Live Alignment for refined Dragging and Dropping of page objects, Use custom themes for a fresh look/design, and more.

And there's lots more that makes Office 2013 the clear choice for productivity. No other software in existence can help you accomplish as much, or do it as fast as Microsoft Office.

  • Add Bookmarks To Microsoft Word - It's totally easy to jump to any section of a document. Just add a bookmark, open your document, and with a single click, you're there!
  • Bing Search® For Web Based Image Insertion - It's never been easier to use pictures from the Internet to get your message across in documents. You can insert them directly from the web, quick and easy.
  • Excel Spreadsheet Analysis Tool - If you're not skilled with creating spreadsheets like a Pro, fear not! Office 2013 comes with Excel's Quick Analysis Tool. It gives you suggestions for clean and professional looking spreadsheets with a click of your mouse.
  • Touchscreen Compatibility - If you own a touchscreen laptop or tablet, you're in luck! Microsoft Office supports fingertip zooming and more! Knowing how to use Office with your touchscreen device is a skill you should learn now, so you're not left helpless later!
  • App Store Ready - The Microsoft Office store has tons of great apps you can use alongside Word, Excel, and Outlook. Feel free to browse the available selection at the Microsoft Store, and check out all the new and exciting things you can accomplish.


Microsoft Office 2013 Outperforms Competing Office Suites By A Landslide!

When compared to free office productivity suite options such as OpenOffice by Apache, you can easily see the difference. Microsoft Office outperforms OpenOffice in performance, satisfaction ratings, features, ease of use, and more. If you're business requires office suite tools, Office 2013 has everything you need to be on the cutting edge.

Basically, if for some reason you lose access to Microsoft Office, or are on the road and forgot your install disc, you can download OpenOffice by Apache to see you through "tough times". But because OpenOffice lacks all the tools Microsoft created (and there's TONS in Office 2013 you won't find in OpenOffice), you'll undoubtedly be disappointed with it if you try to use it exclusively. OpenOffice by Apache works great in emergencies, though, and we're glad it's here.

System Requirements

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student.

 • Processor: 1 GHz or faster x86 or 64-bit processor

 • Memory - 1 GB RAM (32-bit); 2 GB RAM (64-bit) recommended for graphics features

 • Hard Disk - 3 GB of available disk space

 • Display - 1366 x 768 or higher resolution

 • Operating System - Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2008 R2 with .NET 3.5 or greater

 • Graphics - Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX10 graphics card

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