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Enjoy the benefits of a user-friendly antivirus application that aims to bring you the features necessary for keeping your computer safe, fast, and virus-free. Panda Dome Essential brings you the tools required for managing your online safety, all the while offering some advanced components that allow you to further increase your security. The interface appeals to both new and returning users with a visually pleasing design that is easy to navigate. With a strong record of innovative antivirus solutions, you can confidently put your trust into Panda Dome.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student that likes browsing the internet on a daily, or an established businessman that needs to secure sensitive banking details and company data. Panda Dome Essential is a good start for people from all backgrounds that seek protection against malicious threats.

Security begins with Panda Dome Essential. Get protection for all of your devices with support for major platforms such as Windows, Android, and macOS. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to protect yourself against malicious apps, ransomware, Trojan viruses, and other schemes from cybercriminals.


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GTIN 8426983426019
MPN 0581-PDEB02-01
Operating System Both
Year of Product 2019

Easy and quick setup

Get started right after purchasing the Panda Dome Essential app with a quick and transparent setup process. While you have the option to make Panda Safe Web your default browser homepage and search engine, you can opt-out at any time. Because of the lightweight nature of Panda Dome Essential, the installation process itself is quick and smooth. Get started with increasing your security within no more than a few minutes. 

Pleasing interface

Get rid of cyber-threats in style. The window of Panda Dome products goes against the typical white-background boxes you’re used to from other antivirus solutions. Instead, the interface uses gorgeous snapshots of nature, which give Panda Dome Essential a look you’ve never seen before. Despite its beauty, the interface remains clean and easy to navigate with large icons, readable text, and easy access to settings and extra features.

Scheduled Scans

Regularly scanning your computer is incredibly important to maintain security. However, it's a task many of us forget to do regularly, which is why Panda Dome Essential comes with a schedule option. Select the drives you want to check, customize what files you want to exclude from a scan, and define the threats you want Panda Dome to look out for. After all that is set, simply tell the app when you want scans to run.

Safe Browsing

Enjoy the internet without worrying about each website and link your visit. Safe Browsing automatically detects malicious websites and blocks your access before harm could be done.

Phishing Protection

Never fall victim to phishing scams with Panda Dome Essential. While a website might look trustworthy, there’s always a possibility that it’s set up by cybercriminals in an attempt to get you to log into your account and hand your information over to them. With phishing protection, these websites get detected and blocked.


Sophisticated firewall

Unlike firewall features in competitor applications, Panda Dome Essential keeps securing your network simple. Choose whether you're on a Home, Work or Public Wi-Fi, and enjoy the protection of over 18 expert-level prevention features. Your protection can be customized at any time, including port scans, flooding, ping handling, and much more. However, beginner users can enjoy fine-tuned default settings.

Application and Process control

Always know what apps and processes are doing on your computer. Many malicious apps run in the background or execute processes that aren’t visible unless you know where to look for them. With Panda Dome Essential, you can get a clear look at what’s going on in the backstage area of your device, monitor apps, and processes, and see if they’re attempting to reach the internet. This gives you a clear look into what apps you should get rid of and what’s safe to keep.

Protection for macOS

Guard yourself against threats on a Mac computer. While the interface is slightly different, it remains likable and easy to use for anyone that prefers an Apple computer as their daily device.

Panda for Android

Similarly to Macs, you can take advantage of Panda Dome Essential on an Android operating smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is download Panda Dome from the App store then use an existing license and activate your app. Enjoy features such as an app locker, anti-theft measures, and more, now on the go.


System Requirements

System Requirements

  • • Processor: Pentium 300 MHz.
  • • RAM: 64 MB. Recommended 128 (It will only install the Antivirus unit).

    IMPORTANT: This version includes intelligent installation, allowing one, several or all the protection units (Antivirus, TruPrevent®, Content Filter, etc...) to be installed depending on the amount of RAM on your computer. The minimum installation requirement is 64MB RAM, although only the antivirus protection will be installed in that case.

  • • Hard Disk: 200 MB free space.
  • • Operating Systems: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit), Windows XP (32 and 64-bit) and Windows 2000 Professional SP4..

  • • Internet connections: In order to take advantage of the scans against the cloud, computers should be able to connect to the Internet. More specifically, computers should be able to connect to the collective Intelligence servers. To make this possible, computers should have access to the following address:
  • • Other:
    • Graphic card: 256 colours.
    • Compatible with WEPOS 1.1
    • Compatible con WEPOS Ready 2009
    • Compatible with TabletPC


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