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Microsoft Windows Xp Professional Retail License

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The successor to Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Windows 2000 operating systems gives you a robust platform upon which to run all your Microsoft Windows programs, and it enables you to use current digital technologies. With improved stability, integrated communication tools, better security, and more support for peripheral devices, Microsoft Windows XP Professional is designed to support the work you need to do on your PC.

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GTIN 659556714284
MPN E85-00086
Operating System Windows

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Program

Microsoft Windows XP Professional is compatible with many different types of software. This version of Microsoft’s operating system was specifically designed in response to the burgeoning use of personal computers at work and home by non-technical people who wanted to use the PC to easily get more work done and do fun and creative things as well.

Support for more types of hardware, including wireless devices and networks, is a significant feature enhancement in Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Many of these devices are included within the operating system, but for those that may not be, it is straightforward to use a vendor-supplied driver to install them.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional offers some good communications tools. Windows Messenger is an application that enables you to talk with another person in real time using text, audio, or video. The quality is excellent and lets you have that personal contact available right out of the box.

Remote Desktop is also a communications tool in Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Remote Desktop gives you the ability to log in to another computer remotely and work on that computer as if you were sitting right in front of it. This is a nice feature for people who need access to their work PC from home, or who need to access their home computer from somewhere else. It’s also a good tool for help desk teams who are supporting remote users.

Internet Explorer, which comes with Microsoft Windows XP Professional, is a different kind of communications tool, but it falls in this category since a web browser is what opens up access to the internet, including sites for social media, news, entertainment, education, and so much more.

File and system security, as always, is a high priority for computer users, and Microsoft Windows XP Professional has several built-in security features that make your files and system safer from malicious digital attacks. One of these is file and folder encryption, and the other is the ability to set access permissions on each file and folder. In combination with the regular updates that Microsoft provides in their security releases, these features work together to keep your information more secure.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Retail License is a very solid operating system. It gives you a platform to use innumerable kinds of software, run on wireless networks, use wireless mice and keyboards, take advantage of many different types of printers, scanners, and all-in-one devices, and use some really great communications tools to access another computer, talk to another person, or talk with the whole world - literally.

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Download Microsoft Windows XP Professional Retail License Instantly

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Retail License is part of Microsoft’s new generation of operating systems. It is user-friendly, highly customizable, and supports everything that a person who owns a PC wants and needs to manage work, home, and play. Microsoft Windows XP Professional’s versatility and reliability are two main reasons why it is still preferred by many businesses and personal computer owners, despite newer versions of the Windows operating system being available.

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System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirement needed for the installation of Microsoft Windows XP Professional Retail License

  • Min Processor Speed: 233 MHz
  • Min RAM Size: 64 MB
  • Min Hard Drive Space: 1.5 GB
  • Additional Requirements: CD-ROM, SVGA monitor, mouse or compatible device
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