Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard License 64 bit

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As your company grows, your server must grow along with it.

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard License 64 bit

As your company grows, your server must grow along with it. After all, the more employees you have, the more data you are responsible for and have to manage. You need a server that can keep up with your expanding demand, and fortunately, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard is up to the task! Building on the strong foundation laid out by Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard includes everything you love about that version of the software along with some key improvements that make this the best version of the software yet!

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GTIN 885370439113
MPN P73-05363
Year of Product 2012


Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard is built on the powerful and popular Microsoft Windows Server 2008. It includes all of the great features from that release, along with some key improvements that make it the most powerful version of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 yet! Read on to see what a difference Microsoft Windows Server 2012 can make for you and your company!

Unlimited Users—No matter how big your team gets, and your company grows, you will be able to expand your server to keep up. Just add more users as you need them by buying a Windows Server CAL for each. Let your server grow with your company.

Networking: Windows Server 2012 provides an array of enhanced features that help reduce networking complexity, making it easier to connect users to IT resources, efficiently manage your datacenter and private clouds, and easily link your infrastructure with public cloud services.

Tons of Storage—Out of the box, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 includes support for scalable, high-performance, highly available storage solutions on industry standard hardware. Let the server work for you to maximize your storage space and ensure that you never have to worry about running out.

Access from Anywhere with an Internet Connection— this s a virtual desktop infrastructure that you can access from anywhere. Take advantage of automatic VPN connections to access your server from anywhere, safely and securely. Never be far from your files!

Access and information protection: Windows Server 2012 makes it easier for administrators to protect corporate resources, build strong data access management and protection, and simplify the deployment of identity management infrastructure.

Easy Server management and automation: Windows Server 2012 offers excellent total cost of ownership as an integrated platform with comprehensive, multi-server manageability that provides increased management efficiency, simplified deployment of servers and server roles, and resilient automation.

System Requirements

To take full advantage of the many features offered by Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard, you will need a server system that meets the following minimum system requirements:

  • Processor: 1.4 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Disk Space:  32 GB
  • Optical Drive: DVD-ROM Drive
  • Display: Super VGA (800x600) monitor.

If you have a system that meets the previously described requirements, you will be good to go and ready to take advantage of all Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard has to offer.

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