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Managing your network is a critical component of your organization. First, you need the necessary tools and applications to constantly develop, maintain and improve the operations within the server. Then, you have to focus on increased efficiency in the server environment. Last but not least, you need your network to be flexible, reliable and scalable.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise checks all the boxes. The web features, virtualization technologies, security improvements and various management tools serve as this server OS software’s sound foundation for your infrastructure, saving you time and money and enhancing your organization’s network. Many capabilities are present in the Enterprise edition, such as app consolidation with virtualization licensing rights, availability improvements like clustering and hot-add processor functionality. You can improve security using consolidated identity management features. Check out what Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise has in store for you!

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Windows Server returns to help your business rise to the top with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition. Many years after its initial release, it remains one of the top choices for many IT professionals working with server environments even in this modern era of technology. As opposed to its predecessor, Windows Server 2003, it sports many new features and improvements to enhance your experience. Many features and capabilities you find in the Standard edition also make their way into Enterprise, making it the perfect choice for a large scale business.

The Enterprise edition focuses on bringing useful capabilities to large companies that depend on resource-heavy services and apps such as the Microsoft Exchange Server or SQL Server. Bringing the ability to use Failover Clustering and ADFS more effectively, install more RAM memory and utilize more core processors allows you to expand your business to the next level.

Join the millions of enterprises taking advantage of Windows Server 2008 and enjoy a server operating system solution perfect for you. All the essentials from the Standard edition remain available with the addition of new features and extended capabilities. Don't hesitate and purchase a copy of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise today.

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MPN P72-03988
Operating System Windows
Year of Product 2019

Microsoft Server 2008 Enterprise offers a vast array of enticing benefits. Many of these features will result in positive changes to your organization’s management process, allowing for more effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace. These features work in unison to provide you with a powerful, clean and dependable server.

Check out some of the features that make Microsoft Server 2008 Enterprise the best choice for your business:

  • Server Core. Microsoft Server 2008 Enterprise offers a Server Core installation; this provides the minimum installation required to carry out a certain server task, such as Print Server, DHCP, and DNS. As far as security goes, this feature is a godsend. Having less applications and services on the server make for a smaller attack surface. What’s more, it also leads to easier system maintenance with fewer patches to install.
  • Windows PowerShell. The addition of the PowerShell scripting language to Enterprise 2008 certainly is a welcome one. It has proven to be quite popular with server administrators, especially those familiar with Linux environments. Now available to Windows Server 2008, PowerShell shines when it comes to efficiency - multiple tasks cost a fraction of the time to perform, as opposed to the prior method of using the GUI.
  • IIS 7. This Web server is bundled with Microsoft Server 2008 Enterprise. With a plethora of changes and improvements in security and functionally over the previous version, IIS 7 offers you much more flexibility. For example, you can delegate server administration with the included ability to restrict admin privileges.
  • Role-Based installation. Another great feature of Enterprise 2008, the idea behind role-based installation is that you don’t need to configure a full server install. Instead of the tedious process of removing unnecessary components, then installing the needed packages, all you need to do is simply specify your desired server role - Windows will take care of the rest and install only what’s necessary.
  • Enhanced terminal services. Terminal services have been improved in Microsoft Server 2008 Enterprise. TS RemoteApp allows remote users to access a centralized application (instead of the entire desktop). These applications can be accessed from a Web portal or from a configured icon on the local device.
  • Security. There are many security features and enhancements in Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, such as a focus on reducing attack surfaces by running minimal installations, and new additions in BitLocker and Nap. Another example of a security feature is Address Space Load Randomization – it makes it much more difficult to perform buffer overflow attacks by changing the location of various system services each time a service is run.
  • Virtualization Licensing. With more and more machines becoming virtual rather than physical, you can easily manage licensing to make sure your company is in compliance with virtualization opportunities.

Why Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Is Perfect for You

The technical improvements of Microsoft Server 2008 Enterprise make it an excellent choice for your organization's network infrastructure. The virtualization platform is intuitive and very easy to use. Whether you want to use a server manager, PowerShell or a WMI interface to manage your network, the choice is yours with Enterprise 2008.

Microsoft Server 2008 Enterprise isn’t a challenge for most network professionals to administer. It has many incorporated features that are preferred by Linux users. Its high customization and emphasis on security makes it a perfect choice for your business that won’t let you down. Here are the main advantages of Enterprise 2008:

  • Virtualization. One of Enterprise 2008’s greatest strengths is its virtualization capabilities. You can create and manage a virtual server environment without any limitations, allowing you to use your hardware and other administrative resources in a more efficient manner.
  • Adding Server Roles. Adding and removing roles for your server to perform has never been easier. With Enterprise 2008, these settings are just a few clicks away and take effect instantly, no hassle involved.
  • Network Monitoring. Yet another crucial benefit of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise is the attention to monitoring your network and making sure everything is kept up to speed. Many tools are included for monitoring and reviewing your server and network’s health and performance, making Enterprise 2008 an ideal pick for those of you who like to have a streamlined and intuitive interface that allows them to observe vital parameters with ease.
  • Security. One of the most important aspects of a business network is the tools and mechanisms in place to protect your company’s information, as well as that of your customers. Enterprise 2008 passes the test with flying colors, ensuring your network is kept safe and secure and minimizing the risk in the event of malicious activity.
  • Scalability. With Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, your server has all the necessary capabilities to expand in tandem with your organization, guaranteeing that your needs are met as you move on to larger-scale operation.
System Requirements

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

  • Processor - 1GHz (x86), 1.4GHz (x64), 2GHz or faster (recommended)

  • Memory – 512MB (minimum), 2GB or more (recommended), 2TB (maximum)

  • Available Hard Disk Space – 10GB (minimum), 40GB or more (recommended)
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