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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is one of the lines of the server of operating systems from Microsoft Windows. It was officially released in February 2008. It was released after the introduction of Windows Server 2003. It was however released for the second time in 2009 in the name of Windows Server 2008 R2.

The Windows Server 2008 involves the same code base as Windows Vista in its making, due to which it is similar to Windows Vista as far as its function and architecture is concerned. Moreover, as the code base is same as Windows Vista it comes with similar features of security management and technical and administration.

Before opting for the installation of Windows Server 2008 it is always better to get a thorough knowledge of the various editions available. In addition, you should also know about the related hardware equipment. You should also know about the options for an upgrade which come with each edition. Here we will discuss the Windows Server 2008 editions and also the suggested requirements of hardware.

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Windows Server 2008 Datacenter is the top-tier solution for businesses that need an operating server to carry out resource heavy operations. As opposed to other editions of the server, Datacenter supports very large-scale data center operations, which makes it the top end of the Windows Server 2008 product line. If your enterprise is in need of stability, high uptime levels, and more resources to accomplish complex tasks, Datacenter is the choice for you.

Windows Server returns to help your business rise to the top with Windows Server 2008 Datacenter edition. Many years after its initial release, it remains one of the top choices for many IT professionals working with server environments even in this modern era of technology. As opposed to its predecessor, Windows Server 2003, it sports many new features and improvements to enhance your experience. The features and capabilities found in the Enterprise edition also make their way into Datacenter, making it the perfect choice for a large scale organization.

Join the millions of enterprises taking advantage of Windows Server 2008 and enjoy a server operating system solution perfect for you and your business. All the essentials from the Standard and Enterprise editions remain available with the addition of new features and far more extended capabilities. Don't hesitate and purchase a copy of Windows Server 2008 Datacenter today.


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Overview of Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Features

  • • Provide your business with a server operating system built on Windows Vista's base code, packed with new security and administration features.
  • • Improvements include better image-based deployment, installation, and recovery.
  • • Be more efficient with monitoring, diagnostics, event logging, and reporting.
  • • Take advantage of security features and improvements such as BitLocker, ASLR, and the enhanced Windows Firewall.
  • • Install your server with Server Core for a minimal but functional command-based interface.
  • • Removed limitations from File Services, Network Policy, Remote Desktop Services, and Access Services.
  • • More virtual machines with Hyper-V virtualization. (Datacenter)

Virtualization Technologies

Windows Server 2008 uses Hyper-V tools for creating virtual computing environments on your host server. Most enterprises today take advantage of virtualization to reduce costs, and Hyper-V is your risk-free solution to high-quality server virtualization, now even in a large business.

Datacenter’s Hyper-V is equipped with the technology to run an unlimited amount of virtual machines with a single license. Maximize the potential of your business to the absolute highest with the ability to virtualize, significantly reducing costs while allowing your devices to perform well.

Processing Power

Large enterprises require resource-heavy applications and services which need more processing power than regular. An example of this is SQL Server, Hyper-V and Exchange Server, which can easily drain resources from a device. The Enterprise edition of Windows Server 2008 already allowed users to install and address more memory and cores, however, Datacenter takes it to the next level.

Being a 64-bit only server operating system, Windows Server 2008 Datacenter is able to address up to 2TB of RAM and requires a minimum of 8 processors, but supports up to 64. Additionally, you can take full advantage of the Failover cluster and ADFS coming from the Enterprise release to further improve your server.

Active Directory

Active Directory has a broad range of directory-based identity-related services for you to take advantage of. Allow your administrators to create and manage users and groups, then enforce network-wide policies to keep users and computers in check. The Active Directory technology provides a strong foundation for Windows Server 2008's network environment with security management and network resource organization included.


The Active Directory Services consist of the following:

  • • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
  • • Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)
  • • Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS)
  • • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (ADLDS)
  • • Active Directory Rights Management Services (ADRMS)

Server Core

The new Server Core installation method allows you to install only the essentials for running your Windows server. This means that the interface is reduced to command-line based interactions, as no Windows Explorer shell is installed on your server. Servers installed with Server Core take up less space and use fewer resources, as a server can be as small as 3GB total, according to Microsoft.

If you’re looking to save resources for servers that fulfill basic functions or simply want better base security with the minimal installations, choose Server Core. All maintenance and configuration are done with the command-line interface, but it’s possible to control a Server Core installed machine remotely using the Microsoft Management Console.

Server Manager

The management of your Windows Server has never been easier. The new Server Manager gives you the ability to install, configure and remove server roles and features through a single interface. Get critical information about the status and configuration of your Windows server, and use tools for identifying issues, storage management, and general configuration.

System Requirements

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Datacenter

  • Processor: 1GHz (x86) or 1.4 GHz (x64) minimum; 2 GHz or faster recommended; Itanium users must have two processors

  • Memory: 512 MB minimum; 2 GB or more recommended; 2 TB maximum in Datacenter edition

  • Available Hard Disk Space: 10 GB minimum; 40 GB or more recommended; 16 GB minimum to run dump files, paging, and hibernation
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