Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition License

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Microsoft Office remains the first choice in business solutions with its family of powerful business applications like Excel, Outlook, and Word. With the Office 2007 edition, Microsoft makes landmark changes.

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Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition License


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Microsoft Office remains the first choice in business solutions with its family of powerful business applications like Excel, Outlook, and Word. With the Office 2007 edition, Microsoft makes landmark changes. With improved User Interfaces and an updated powerful engine backing it all up, Microsoft Office 2007 makes it easier to do functions and create documentation for any business. In addition to improved and sleeker user interaction, Office 2007 raises the bar again by modifying file types to take up less storage space and close loopholes that allowed malware to creep into documents.

Microsoft remains the category leader in the market with its flagship line of products in Office. The 2007 edition creates the framework for the future of Microsoft's brand DNA, going from a serious and spartan tone to a more refined, streamlined, and enjoyable user experience.

Users can share files and collaborate with OneNote, allowing authors to view edits and suggestions from teammates all in one central location. Common tasks in all applications are easier to find thanks to Fluent, and the overall navigation through the software has been greatly improved as opposed to earlier editions. Centralize all your business tasks with Office 2007, and don’t miss a beat with a connected, cohesive, and seamless business solutions package.


Let your small business flourish with powerful functions from word processing, data analysis, or email communications management.


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Operating System Windows

What’s Different about This Edition?

Users will notice that filenames have been changed, with an x on the end of file types. The major benefit of this new XML based file format is compression. File sizes get greatly reduced to sometimes a quarter of their original size. On average, you’ll notice files take up about half the space they used to. This makes it easier on your devices and servers to store data and backup files in case of a data crisis.

This change also closes some loopholes with programs that used Macros, which cyber criminals had found backdoors to exploit. The new XML based file type not only enhances the new user interface, but closes these backdoors. These new file extensions not only give you a refreshed feel and look to the program and enhanced security, but also are compatible with older editions. For example, you can read .docx files in Word 2003 with ease, and you can read and edit .doc files on Word 2007.

New Looks, New Feel

“The Ribbon” is where the new Fluent UI shines. The Ribbon takes the old drop-down menu and toolbar approach and updates it to the modern age. Fluent kicks in here and gives relevant suggestions on where to go next with related commands and functions. How does this work? Let’s say you’re in Excel and need to change the formatting of a cell. Click on a cell, and you will see formatting options up in your toolbar. Change the color and you will get the color selections in the toolbar without having to navigate there yourself. You may also see text formatting options, along with border stylizations for the cell, all in one easy to locate place. This cuts a lot of time having to scroll through seemingly endless menus just to find one simple function.

Application Upgrades

Every application gets a new and refreshing visual update that launches Microsoft Office out of the Windows XP bubble it had been in for so long. Word, Outlook, and Excel get full makeovers with the Ribbon on release, and other applications have followed suit through updates and patches.

Outlook, in particular, gets some unique and interesting features. The most notable is the anti-phishing capabilities that block out emails containing links to malware and other malicious content that could infiltrate and infect your network. It also gets spam email countermeasures that keep inboxes clean and manageable. To-Do is another function for Outlook that connects tasks, meetings, and appointments from the calendar to the Ribbon, allowing users to see what’s next without having to navigate through multiple tabs.

Why Upgrade to 2007? Why Buy?

For any small business wanting to be successful, Microsoft Office is a must. This 2007 edition is now inexpensive and carries many of the same features that make later editions popular (like the Ribbon and Fluent UI). Trust in the market dominance Microsoft has maintained for decades to provide powerful business solutions for every opportunity. Whether it be data analysis with Access and Excel or document creation with Word, you’ll have ever field covered with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business has everything you need for your company. You’ll get all the Office Suite applications from Word and Publisher to Access and Excel. You’ll also get Accounting Express and Business Contact solutions with this package, making it even more of an all-encompassing business solution. Ready to take the next steps? Buy from SoftwareKeep today to get the lowest possible price.

System Requirements

To ensure the full use and completely successful installation of Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business Edition License, new users must only install on those devices able to support these system requirements:

  • Processor: 500 MHz or faster; 1 GHz or faster for Business Contact Manager
  • Memory: 256 MB or more; 512 MB or more for Business Contact manager and Outlook Instant Search; 1 GB or more for all grammar and contextual spelling tools with Microsoft Word
  • Available Hard Disk Space: 3 GB
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0b graphics card
  • Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or later; Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later
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