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McAfee AntiVirus Plus , created by Joh McAfee along with the rest of the product line, is an incredible antivirus solution for your PCs, Macs, and other devices. With millions of loyal users worldwide, it has become acknowledged for top-quality protection against a wide variety of threats that present danger to your devices on a daily basis.


When browsing the internet, many things can go wrong for you or your device. Cybercriminals use shady techniques to trick you into downloading viruses, entering your login credentials to fake websites, or breach your privacy by tracking you. You can avoid all of these things by utilizing the many features of McAfee AntiVirus Plus . McAfee makes it easy to protect yourself against such threats with an advanced antivirus solution that's easy to use, yet incredibly effective in getting rid of malware and online schemes.


Don't fall victim to the tricks of cybercriminals and purchase McAfee AntiVirus Plus today. With this product, you're able to protect up to ten individual PCs or Macs, providing incredible protection for your family, friends, or workers. Stay cost-efficient by reducing the money spent on IT professionals managing antivirus solutions, and purchase our product for a great value.

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Operating System Both
Year of Product 2019

Protect All of Your Devices

Cross-platform technology

McAfee AntiVirus Plus works on just about any device you can imagine, allowing you to use a subscription to cover all of your security needs. It doesn’t matter if you prefer stationary PCs or a Macbook laptop that allows you to get work done from virtually anywhere, you need to have proper protection against malware and cyber-attacks. The cross-platform availability of McAfee AntiVirus Plus proves this and delivers an incredible solution for all your security needs.

Simplified cental management

Manage all of your devices from one simple console without having to physically be there. This eliminates the need to manually and individually change device settings and instead allows you to remotely manage things. You’re able to keep everything in check, modify settings, get status updates about your devices, and much more.


Your Personal Cyber Bodyguard

Customize your protection

McAfee AntiVirus Plus allows you to customize the level of protection you need on a device depending on what suits your style. If you feel like some features aren’t useful for you, or want to use minimal resources, you can finetune the way McAfee AntiVirus Plus operates and create your own personalized application. Everything is the way you want it to be, no matter what situation you’re facing.

Block malicious applications

You should always be cautious about launching an executable file, as these can be extremely dangerous and harm your computer in many ways. Even if an app seems completely harmless at first glance, it might contain malicious code to infect your device or come with adware that installs itself without your permission and floods you with unwanted advertisements. McAfee AntiVirus Plus blocks these applications from launching, eliminating the risk of an infected device.

Control network access

Monitor the information that travels between your device and a network to ensure no shady business is going on in the background. Networks are often exploited by various people who want to gain information about you, access your files without permission, or invade your privacy without you suspecting it. McAfee AntiVirus Plus takes it upon itself to protect you against these threats.



View site rating

Site rating shows you the security score of a website before you even enter it. Simply hover over a link and see what McAfee AntiVirus Plus thinks of the website it leads to - avoid the red, be cautious of the yellow, and trust the green websites.

Phishing protection

Phishing is a common practice amongst internet scammers. Fake websites, misleading emails, and convincing private messages all aim to trick you into clicking on a malicious link, entering your information into a fake website, and ending up with a compromised account. McAfee AntiVirus Plus guards you against phishing, so you can always click with confidence if your friends send you a random link without having to assume it was a virus.


System Requirements

System Requirements


Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 SP1 (32- and 64-bit)

Mac OS X 10.12 or later

Google Android smartphones and tablets 4.1 or higher

Apple iOS 10 or later

Internet Connection Required

  High-speed connection recommended

Supported Browsers

Internet Explorer 10.0 or later



Google Chrome

Safari (Mac and iOS OS Only)

Microsoft Edge



2 GB RAM for Windows 7 and above

500 MB free drive space

1 GHz Processor

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