Plan Your High School’s Prom with Microsoft Office

Plan Your High School’s Prom with Microsoft Office

Prom is a milestone event in a high schooler’s life. That’s why it’s important to make it a night to remember by planning ahead.


If you’re in charge of the Prom Committee and overseeing the students that have volunteered to help put together the event, you’ll want to make use of all the resources available to you.


Microsoft Office is packed with tools and features that you’ll need for Prom.


One Software Suite with Many Different Options


For example, MS Office gives you access to Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Imagine the possibilities that come with each program.


You’ll be able to create flyers, tickets, spreadsheets containing student names, name tags, and send out reminder emails to faculty, parents, and volunteers.


You’ll be able to accomplish far more in less time because you’ll be able to create and save Templates and if you have access to Microsoft 365, you can collaborate on the same documents with other members of the Prom Committee.


What You Can Do With Microsoft Word


With Microsoft Word, you can announce the time, date, and location of Prom. You can let the students know the theme and how much tickets cost.


These details will get them excited about the event and inform them when they need to buy their tickets by.


By posting the flyers in high traffic areas such as the gym and the lunchroom, you ensure that each student knows the deadline to buy tickets by.


You can easily create a flyer and mass produce it on the school’s copy machine. Stick one in each students’ locker or cubby so you know they’ve received it.


You can also enlist the assistance of the teachers in your school to help distribute the flyers. They can pass them out to their class before they leave for the day.


You’ll be able to accomplish so much more if you delegate some of the duties that go with planning a big event like Prom.


Spreadsheets Keep Track of Student Names


When a student arrives with his or her date and checks in, you can match their name to a name on a spreadsheet list.


Having them show their student IDs ensures that they do, indeed, go to the school and are invited to attend Prom. Once you’ve confirmed that the student is who he or she says they are, you can cross them off the list you created and printed with MS Office.


This is yet another way to make good use of Microsoft’s software suite. As you can see, there are plenty of uses for the programs it includes.


Best of all, you have free reign over how creative you make your communications for Prom.


How PowerPoint Can Make Prom Even More Fun


Create a slideshow presentation highlighting the different events from the year. Make sure to include photos of students and staff. Add music and cool fonts to grab everyone’s attention.


Use a projector to display the PowerPoint presentation on a wall in the venue Prom night. It’s a great way to kick off the festivities and also show everyone what fun it is to attend classes at your high school.


It’s something that you can load to YouTube after the event so parents and other family members can see it, too.


PowerPoint allows you to place photos and images wherever you’d like them to be on a slide. It lets you include music and text, too. You can add emphasis to areas of a slide with bold colors and cool fonts. This is yet another way you can prepare for Prom.


Make Software Keep and Microsoft Office Part of Your Prom Preparation Plans


Plan your high school’s prom with Software Keep and Microsoft Office. We provide digital downloads of Microsoft Office products for you to purchase.


Get Student Microsoft Office or download Microsoft Office for Mac. You have options with our wide selection of products.


Get Your Money’s Worth Out of the Software You Purchase


Make this year’s promenade an experience to remember. Download Office and get started created flyers, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.


Make your students excited about the event you have planned. With Microsoft’s popular software suite, you’ll have the programs that you need to make the event successful in every way.

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