Learn Office for Mac

Learn Office for Mac

Microsoft Office has made a welcome appearance on the Apple Mac to the delight of users. Whether it is for commercial or home use, it is the most used and the popular application of its kind.

Microsoft Office has a comprehensive list of application that will help you deliver that slide show you need to present in that meeting or a financial report you need to graph. Depending on what you need, Microsoft Office is worth paying for with all the sleek programs that are easy to use.

Below is a basic overview of what Microsoft Office includes. This article will inform you about the many great features and what kind of packages it comes in.

Learn Office for Mac

Before buying your copy, Microsoft Office comes in different levels and packages you can choose from depending on what you will be using the program for.


The standard version is normally distributed through large licensing methods such as being a package included upon buying a new computer or other commercial licensing avenues. This includes the basic applications with Outlook.

Home & Business

This version comes with the basic applications with Outlook. You can buy this package for a one off payment of $229

Home & Student

Home & Student includes the basic programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Microsoft subscription services such as Office 365 includes some form of Microsoft Office suites. Whether you are a business or a home user, there are different types available that will suit your needs.

Office Home & Student

This is base option and the cheapest one out of the 3. It includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote for just 1 device. It is a one-off payment of $149.99

Office 365 Personal

The personal version is the middle tier package that includes the package with Home & Student, but it includes Outlook and virtual storage and more for 1 user. It is an annual subscription of $69.99 per year.

Office 365 Home

Office 365 is the most comprehensive version costing you a yearly subscription of $99.99. It has the all functions of the personal version but is capable of hosting up to 5 users.

Microsoft Office is the most popular and most used productivity suite and for good reason. Microsoft have created retained and improved the mainstays such as Word and Excel, while also incorporating new innovative programs like OneDrive. Below are a quick summary of the basic functions of the most used applications on the Microsoft Office suite.


Enables users to simply create text documents that also include photos and other formatting options.


Enables users to create simple to complicated data spreadsheets with cell manipulation capabilities. Create graphs, calculations, and macros amongst others to house your numeric and text data.


Enables users to create professional looking slideshows and presentations. It is available with all the essential functions for creating a sleek looking and detailed presentations.


Outlook is a comprehensive application where it manages your emails, scheduling, notes, and tasks. Its main function is sending and receiving emails and stores important events such as meetings and flights.


A program that you can communicate with other users by chat, voice calls, and video calls. It is also capable of hosting video and voice conference calls. Most devices can download Skype free of charge which makes it one of the accessible telecommunications program available.


OneNote is an electronic version of a paper notebook. You can enter text notes, photos, and even videos to easily manage your personal information. It is a good way to organize your notes and it also saves automatically.


OneDrive allows users to have an external memory space that is hosted by a server called the Cloud. It is a virtual memory drive that easily and stores files quickly, that can be accessed anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and an account.

Assistance Using MS Office On Mac

If you ever need help when using any Microsoft Office on a Mac, there are great sources that can answer your questions.


Firstly, there is a help function on the application that can help guide you to what you want to achieve. Simply select the help section on the application and choose the support you require. Otherwise, you can visit the Microsoft website for online support source on Mac devices.

Is Buying Microsoft Office Worth It

Microsoft offers customers different levels of products and single payment methods. But the question is, is it worth spending your money on?

There are free applications that offer similar functions, and especially for Macs, there is a built in suite called iWork. It may be a simple a simple choice for some, but there are more talking points as to why Microsoft Office may be the better suite for you.

While free applications open Microsoft Office documents, the editing function and support for the more complicated files is not available. Formatting may be different and can alter your file altogether.

Freewares have tried to replicate the success of Excel but nothing has come even close to its functionality. They can handle simple calculations such as keeping track of basic finances but are unable to create graphs and solve formulas like Excel can.

Small scale users may opt for products such as iWork as they don’t necessarily need to produce the same volume or type of work as businesses do. In this case, free to download softwares is sufficient.

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