How to Create Your Own Printable Calendar in Microsoft Word

How to Create Your Own Printable Calendar in Microsoft Word

So, you’re in need of a custom calendar but you don’t want to shell out a lot of money to buy one. How do you keep track of all the things you have to do throughout the week without glancing at your computer, phone or tablet all the time? A wall calendar would serve you best but you don’t know of any retailer that sells one that starts in the middle of the year.

Downloadable Templates Make Microsoft Word Even More Valuable

Lucky for you, there’s a way you can create your own calendar using Microsoft Word. As long as you have a copy of MS Office for Mac or PC available, you’ll have no trouble accessing one of the templates that come with the program. If you prefer creating one from scratch, that option exists for you to utilize, too.

What You Need to Do to Start Creating Your Own Calendar

To create your own editable and printable calendar in Word, you must first open the program. Then, select the template you want to work with. If you’re creating the calendar from scratch, you’ll want to open a new blank document.

To edit a template, scroll through the Calendar category and select Single Page. You’ll want to double-click on the thumbnail of the calendar you want to use. Once you’ve done that, make sure to click the Create button and wait for the template to load.

You’ll then find the text box and change the month name to the month that you want to start creating. You can then select the text in the text box to change the size, style, and color of the selected font. Chose the days of the week and change their font style.

You can then modify the different squares that make up the days of the month. To do this, click a cell on the table grid. Click on Table Move and decide how you’ll customize it with Borders or Borders and Shading.

If you want to change the graphic, click on it and press Delete. You can then Insert a Picture from the file manager. If you want to create a separate page for each month of the year, click outside of the calendar and press Ctrl-V eleven times.

You’ll then be able to customize each page the way you did the first. Make sure to go to File and Save before closing out of your calendar. That way, you’ll have a hard copy that you can edit and print at any time.

Become Better Organized with Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office offers options that simplify your life, help you become better organized, and make fast work out of difficult tasks. The idea behind the software suite is to increase productivity while lessening the burden of menial tasks on you. Spark your creativity by exploring all the different programs and features that make up the popular software suite.

When you have your schedule in order, you lessen the likelihood of forgetting an important event or appointment. It’s great to be able to access your calendar from a mobile device but it’s also important to have a hard copy on hand that you can see and review often. Once you’ve learned how to create your own calendars in Word, you’ll make new ones all the time.

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