5 Essential Word Themes to Make Your Next Report Quicker (Part 1)

5 Essential Word Themes to Make Your Next Report Quicker (Part 1)

Microsoft Word is the number one productivity suite and it especially comes in handy when writing reports.

But sometimes, when you are working on a rush report, things can easily go wrong. Things going wrong can lead to devastating time loss while you are trying to fix the issues.


But don't worry, there's a different way to do things.


In this article, you will learn five important guidelines for creating your reports more efficiently.


Essential Word Themes to Make Your Next Report Quicker


The days of having to worry about fonts, colors, and other visual things are over.  If you take advantage of the Word themes we're going to share here, you can just focus on your content and still create professional documents.


The Word themes we are about to showcase will assist you in more ways than one. They are a set of elements put together by Microsoft, ready to aid you in your work and make the creating of your reports easier and faster.


If you are not a fan of formatting by hand, simply choose a theme you like and Word will automatically apply the formatting in a split second. 



Having the right color scheme for your documents is crucial.


You need to consider things such as the contrast between two different colors, the way they complement each other, and so on - these things can change the way your readers perceive your documents, as certain colors grab attention faster than others.


You can use colors to put emphasis on certain parts of your text, thus further implying that it is an important part. Using the right colors, you can make sure that no important information gets ignored, however, you do not need to worry if you are unsure of what colors go together well.


By using Word themes, the theme itself is already carefully put together to only include colors that give a satisfying effect.



In Word documents, one of the most important things is your font choice.


Different fonts are appropriate for different documents, for example, writing a formal report while using serif fonts such as Times New Roman, Georgia, Calson or Palatino can lead to great success, while informal documents often settle for sans-serif fonts like Arial, Calibri, Verdana or Tahoma.


You can quickly test different fonts out by using Word themes, as they are capable of quickly changing your entire document without you having to format every paragraph and title yourself.


Tables and Charts

Sometimes you need more than just words to properly show off the information you have.


By utilising tables and charts, you can quickly add visual interest to your documents, while also displaying complex data in an understandable way.


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and this applies to charts as well.



To make sure that your report is visually appealing, you can use Word's provided assets to add little details that make your documents look significantly better.


These things include bullet points, horizontal lines, background images, highlights, headers and footers.


These simple graphics can boost the quality of your report significantly.



Adding images is always a good choice to make your documents more appealing, as well as easier to digest in various topics.


Word themes oftentimes give you some customized images as well, for example, without having to apply the same border, shadow, and filter on your images, as you select a theme, they automatically get applied to every image in your report.


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