5 Essential Excel Templates You Need in Your Life (Part 2)

5 Essential Excel Templates You Need in Your Life (Part 2)

Templates are pre-designed documents that have certain elements readily available for use; you simply have to utilize them, and even have the option to customize each and every element of the template you are using.


Simply opening up a template and replacing the placeholder information with your data is a whole lot easier than having to start from scratch and build up a workbook from the ground, especially if you are on a time crunch.


Utilize these five, easy-to-use templates from Office.com that make your life easier!


If you need templates that help you in both your personal life and business-related needs, Microsoft Excel can supply you with both of those things.


While also being an extremely useful tool for performing complex calculations and giving a visual representation to massive data sets, Excel also enables its users to pick from planners and calendars to always stay on top of their lives and never miss an event.


You can even download health and fitness templates to put together your fitness vision and track your progress visually, or to log your daily food calories and nutrition.


List templates can help you organize your thoughts, whether you need to make a to-do list of your daily chores or a grocery list to make shopping easier.


Fitness plan

This simple template provides you with a pleasing visual representation of your fitness.


You can input your information ad your statistics such as starting weight, your body measurements, and then proceed to track your activities to persuade a healthier lifestyle.


Online Sales Tracker

This business-related template lets you keep track of your sales, no matter if you are just starting a company or decided to sell a couple of things of your own.


Keep your sales and profits organized while being able to look at a visual representation of your written data at the same time with the chart and graph included in the template itself.


Video Game Tracker

Sometimes fun things need a little organization as well. With this accessible and stylish template, you can keep track of video game achievements, high scores, levels reached, and even your game completion all in the same place.


Credit card tracker

Do you need an accessible and fast way of keeping track of transactions on your credit card? With this template, you can track charges, fees, and payments to your credit card.


This template takes advantage of Excel's functions and allows you to automatically calculate the running balance, as well as the total you have spent.


You can even enter a description and merchant next to your transactions to keep track of things even better.


Holiday budget planner

Are you getting ready for a holiday such as Christmas, or other special occasions?


Use this template to keep track of everything from gifts, travel costs, holiday meal budget and much more.


You simply have to input your values, and Excel will automatically calculate the difference between your budget and the actual costs you will be spending, making planning a whole lot easier.


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