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Avira Internet Security Suite 2019 is an advanced solution against all security threats lurking online. Browse the web with confidence and no disruptions thanks to the lightweight nature of the software, causing no slowdowns while keeping you protected. Avira’s cutting-edge technology uses the least possible resources, improving your PC’s performance and security at the same time.

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If you're in need of a smart, easy to use solution that keeps your computer and information safe, look no further than Avira Internet Security Suite 2019  The new release takes up less space yet supplies you with cutting edge features for keeping your PC secure, as well as improving its performance. Straightforward and fast, it gets the job done by using fewer resources through a simple yet modern interface that's easy to navigate even for beginner users.


You can see critical information about the health of your computer upon launch and fix issues right away. Scan your computer for any hidden malware or viruses, turn on protection against ransomware, quarantine suspicious and malicious files, and enjoy other extras such as USB scanning, all in one suite.


Don’t miss out on our offer to purchase year-long protection with the latest Avira Internet Security Suite 2019 for one device! Begin using a multiple top-award winning software that focuses on keeping you and your PC safe without any nonsense features or unnecessary extras that only slow down your device.

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GTIN 4033181006208
Operating System Both
Year of Product 2019



Ransomware is one of the most dangerous and damaging types of malware. It's able to render your device useless by taking away your access, encrypting your files and demanding payment for possible restoration. The new anti-ransomware module of Avira Internet Security Suite 2019 blocks these attacks before they can do any harm on your PC. With over 1.4 million ransomware attacks blocked per month, it offers top-of-the-line protection, even against new mutations of ransomware threats.

Automatic web protection


Protect yourself against online threats. Avira Internet Security Suite 2019 detects a total of 1.7 million web attacks each day, making the internet a safer place for users to browse, shop, bank and use social media. This real-time protection eliminates the need to worry about malware, viruses, phishing scams, and more threats. Enjoy top-quality protection without slowing your system down with unnecessary extras and unwanted additions.

Secure password manager


It's important to keep your passwords hard to guess, which should result in complex and unique login details to each site you use. It's hard to keep track of everything manually, which is why Avira Internet Security Suite 2019 comes with Password Manager Pro. All you have to remember is a master password to access your saved passwords and account details across all your devices. To offer even more protection, you can generate strong, complex passwords and log in to websites automatically using the password manager.

Real-time security alerts


Avira Internet Security Suite 2019 scans your online accounts and immediately notifies you if there's any sort of risk to one of them. Receive real-time alerts if your account was breached, and see if a website is infected or attempts to steal your password. You can also identify weak passwords and see which accounts use the same password, making it easier to increase your security.

Automatic software updates


Keeping your applications and drivers up-to-date is important to get the newest security updates. Software Updater Pro comes with Avira Internet Security Suite 2019 and covers updates for over 150 software programs, including Microsoft. Find and install the latest updates with one click, automatically patch security holes and optimize the performance of your hardware.

Block ads, trackers and infected sites


Browser Safety is an add-on for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. It allows you to get rid of annoying and distracting advertisements and video commercials on websites, prevent corporations from tracking your online behavior and blocks millions of infected, malicious websites from loading.

Download Protection

Downloads are the most common way of people getting infected with malware. When you use the Download Protection feature exclusively found in Avira Internet Security Suite 2019, you can be sure that any file that lands on your PC are safe to use. The application automatically scans downloaded content, let it be music, images, torrents or other files. Scan the files you keep in cloud storage services and use cloud scanning to get your files checked sooner. Additionally, you can block potentially unwanted applications (PUA or PUP) from installing unwanted toolbars, adware, and bloatware.

More features

  • Email Scan — Check attachments and links sent to you via email on both web-based services such as Gmail or clients like Outlook.
  • PUA Detection — Identify potentially unwanted applications that hide within legitimate software to install on your device without permission.
  • 256-Bit Encryption — Protect your stored passwords with bank-grade security.
  • USB Scanner — Check if your USB keys, external hard drives, and memory sticks are safe and free of malware.
  • Priority Cloud Scanning — A unique service which allows you to scan your files sooner for threats.

File Repair — Even if a virus was able to mess with your files, Avira Internet Security Suite 2019 could still recover it.

System Requirements

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7 and later
  • Android: Android 4.4 and later
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) and later
  • iOS: iOS 8 and later
  • Chrome: Chrome 32 and later
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