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In Avast Ultimate all the antivirus products you need are combined in one suit. It is a blend of the best of what Avast offers. The Avast Ultimate 3-User 1Yr Global suite is more than just an antivirus. It gives your devices an ultimate combination of privacy, security and higher performance. And it corrects problems within your PC that can expose you to cyber threats. 

More than just antivirus, the Avast Ultimate suite includes everything you need to keep all your computers, phones, and tablets secure, private, and running at their best.


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Avast Ultimate 3-user 1 year is everything you need to look after your 3 devices in one convenient premium suite. Get the most advanced antivirus to block all malware including ransomware. Get unrestricted access to a VPN for total online privacy. Enjoy top cleanup and tuneup tools, and a manager with Avast Ultimate Antivirus. 

Avast Premium Security protects your devices against havoc-wreaking ransomware. You would never become a victim of digital extortion. With Avast ultimate, you can safely shop and bank online. Avast Premium Security scans websites for security risks on both your computer and mobile phone, so you can shop and bank safely on any device.

Avast Premium Security keeps your spending safe by automatically redirecting you to secure sites, ensuring that you never land on a spoofed website. It also protects against hacked routers that use fake DNS settings to send you to fake websites. Avast Ultimate WiFi inspector detects weaknesses in your home and public WiFi network.

Avast Premium Security blocks ransomware before it can get anywhere near your files so they will never be encrypted. Never worry about accessing and using all of your files as you normally would. Ransomware protection works quietly in the background.

Stay safe as Avast Premium Webcam shield blocks untrusted apps from accessing your Webcam.  Avast Ultimate 3-user 1-year has the automatic software updater to update the most popular apps on your PC to help bridge the security gap. Avast System Security can be used in a passive mode. This will allow you to safely use another antivirus on your PC


Not the right  Antivirus version for you? Take a look at our store and browse through available options to find the perfect match for your needs.  Get the best deal on  Avast Ultimate 3-user 1-year by shopping with us.

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Premium security: Avast Premium Security gives you the best comprehensive online protection. It offers the toughest defense, and most advanced protection, against malware, ransomware, zero-second threats, viruses, spyware, and home Wi-Fi network vulnerabilities. Your PC is protected from any cyber threat that can distract your peace.

  • Advanced security tailored and personalized for your specific needs
  • Advanced firewall to keep off hackers 
  • Real-time protection from all fierce cyber threats 
  • Protection from fake websites, hence safe identity and online banking and shopping
  • Intelligent anti-ransomware for protection against digital extortion 
  • Antispam to prevent strangers from spying on you through your webcam

SecureLine VPN: an antivirus should provide true online privacy, and that's precisely what you get from Avast SecureLine VPN. It enables you to keep all your online activities wholly private. Designed with bank-grade encryption it gives you the freedom of carefree shopping, banking, browsing, and messaging. Its impenetrable defense mechanism blocks hackers or intruders who may target your online data and PC files.

  • Encrypts your network connection for true online privacy
  • Hides all your online activities and doesn’t track websites visited
  • Identifies and corrects network leak
  • Makes your internet connection secure through bank-grade encryption
  • Protection in unsecured networks and public Wi-Fi
  • Stream securely on android enabled Smart TVs

Cleanup Premium: if an antivirus cannot clean up your computer and rid it of any junk, it doesn’t deserve you coin. CleanUp is the ultimate tuneup and clean up tool and deserves every penny you can offer. It removes all junk on your PC and browser for a faster, secure, cleaner, and higher performing device. It also removes bloatware and forgotten applications.

  • Cleans your device – cleans a browser, frees up space, deletes unwanted extensions, toolbars, and plugins – to give you more space
  • Speeds up your PC by fixing what’s slowing it down
  • Update your apps
  • Removes forgotten programs and bloatware
  • Fix annoying problems, through automatic maintenance
  • Updates your applications automatically to avoid security risks and get the latest features

Passwords Premium: your passwords can often be your greatest nightmare. Passwords premium is your ultimate password manager, combining all your passwords in just one password in all your devices. It syncs your login details safely across your devices and autofill them when needed. It will also notify you if there is a password leak.

  • You only need one password to keep everything else safe
  • Login faster, securely and with less hassle
  • Don’t waste any time during shopping; it remembers and autofill your credit card numbe
  • Avast Premium security: advanced protection for PC and Wi-Fi network. Includes ransomware Shield to protect your photos and files from hijacking, and webcam Shield to nip webcam spying in the Bud
  • Avast cleanup Premium: the ultimate PC junk Blaster. Speed up your PC in minutes with our advanced TuneUp tool, and enjoy convenient 1-click maintenance and automatic cleaning
  • Avast secure line VPN: privately browse, bank, and shop online with 256-bit, bank-grade encryption that hides your activity from hackers, snoops, and your Internet provider
  • 30 years of expertise: we’ve been protecting people’s data and devices longer than almost anyone else. We combine our years of experience with fresh innovation to create security that’s cutting edge
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